Grand-father and Grandson

The father of Shin Hayata, he deceased brother and grandfather of Shin's Nephew Taro.


A military man, he was one of the earliest members of the SSSP, and was a commander, leading the now current commander Muramatsu. Meiji had always pushed his children to join the military particularly the SSSP. While proud of his first born, he has been disappointed with his second born Shin who had failed the entrance course three times. After his first born's death, he took in his grandson Taro, clashing with Shin on how to raise him.

During the Ghidrah attack, he lost his older son and his daughter-in-law who he personally lead into battle and his wife afterwards due to the stress and heartbreak. The attack also cost him his right arm, which was replaced with a prosthetic.

Given his second son's failures and somewhat rebellious nature, the two have not been close and often argue over what is best for Taro.


He is a stoic man with harsh judgements and is prone to favouritism. Despite his outward gruff appearance, he is a tired old man who worries constantly for his last remaining relatives. He is also skeptical of the supernatural despite being a religious man.


  • His name is a reference to the Meiji Era that succeded afte the Tokugawa era in Japanese History, it was chosen to comment on the fact that he is old fashion in several ways.

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