Mega Zetton (メガ, Zetton) he didn't appared in any of my series. So, who wants to use him?

Subtitle: Muteki monsuta (無敵モンスター)


Dimension HoleEdit

Zetton was beat by Ultraman Saga, his death was forth of Miracle. Until something new come, a dimension come out of nowhere suck Zetton in it. In there, he is revive again, and this time with more Dark mana, he become Mega Zetton. He set to Earth to revenge Ultraman.


  • Height: 60 meters
  • Weight: 59,000 tons
  • Origin: Alien Magnum Pet

Power and AbilitesEdit

  • Dark Fireballs: Mega zetton can fire a dark colour fireball from his yellow orb on his chest. It is the most powerful techniques.
  • Clone: Mega Zetton can created his own clone to trick the enemy by punching them before it return to it's original body.
  • Flight: He has pair of Wings that allowed him to fly.


  • Mega Zetton is not fat which his name is Mega simply means big. He has the same Height as Zetton.

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