EDF VersionEdit

The EDF built MechaGodzilla aid Zach in fighting kaiju.

MechaGodzilla EDF


MechaGodzilla was a secret project that only the highest ranked EDF members, such as captains, a Super Ajundant, or the Inspector General would know of. MechaGodzilla was first introduced into the Ultraman Zach Series without anyone knowing about in in the North American Branch except for Captain John. MechaGodzilla fought alongside Ultraman Zach against Bemstar for it's first battle.


  • MechaGodzilla was originally scheduled to first appear in Ultra From Hell Phase II, but that idea was replaced with Ultraman Kain.
  • The picture was drawn by artist Matt Frank.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

​Physical AttributesEdit

Sword: MechaGodzilla has a retractable blade on its left arm.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eye Beams: though not seen in the Zach series (yet), MechaGodzilla can shoot ray beams from its eyes.

Back Missiles: MechaGodzilla can fire missiles from its back.

Absolute 0 Ray: a beam that freezes anything it hits.

Emerald Brace VersionEdit

The Emerald Brace created their own MechaGodzilla to counter the EDF's. 
Mechagodzilla Neo

Emerald Brace MechaGodzilla



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Eye Beam: MechaGodzilla can shoot beams from its eyes.
  • Missiles: MechaGodzilla shoots missiles from its hands, knees, feet chest, and elbows.
  • Flight: MechaGodzilla can fly.


  • The above picture was drawn by artist Matt Frank.