Mater Mundaram
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Gender: Female
Height: 0-infinite
Weight: Weightless
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Moedari/The Legend of Lugen
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Affiliation Ultraman Lugeno
Created by Stephan222
Mater Mundaram (Latin: Mother of Worlds) is a mysterious being, who usually appears as light condensed into a liquid-like substance. She can take almost any form, but these forms are without substance, and as such she does not have the power of The Hidden One.

She chose Ultraman Lugeno as her tool to aid her in her quest against the Hidden One. She sent him on the mission to lock all worlds away from the enemy, and guided him to his ultimate forms. She eventually merged with him to grant him his Sacred Form.

she would later reveal she created Moedari's universe, and that she would rewrite time again. In the final battle, she took Anna Mokowski as a host in order to reach the Satunamists. Her power enabled the Being, Stephos, Utem and Lunam to undo all the damage caused by the Transcendent Light and restore order in the omniverse.