Marina Honda is one of the main female Protagonist in Ultraman Reuz series. She is 16 years old teenage girl. She also Haruto's childhood friend and the first one to met him when he was a child. Her dream is to become a World Class Fashion Designer. 

Marina Honda
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 16
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 145 cm
Weight 33 kg

Profile and BiographyEdit

  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Likes : K-Pop, Exo- Wolf, Big Bang, B2ST, Super Junior and the rest of Korean Boy Band, Haruto
  • Dislikes : Haruto got beat up badly, Darker Being
  • Family:
    • Naomi Honda: Father
    • Kirara Yuki: Mother
  • Relationship
    • Haruto Shuuya : Childhood friend, Love interest


Marina have a long brown hair, light skin tone and short heights. She has pretty eye and face, her pink lips. She usually wear pink T-shirt, a white skirt or sometime long blue jeans and a snow cape cover her head, making her more beautiful.

She is kind, lovable girl, she always care about Haruto whatever he was into. She promises Haruto that someday, he will find the answer he seeks within him. Marina has a bad connection with her adoptive father, Hibiki Suzuki.


Marina Honda born from Honda family, she was later left to Hibiki after Naomi Honda death, which she live beside Haruto's grandfather, Shuuya Kaze house. Although, they are not rich, they keep their relationship strong among the neighbours. Marina have a crush on Haruto since she was a child. She was said to be the host of Dark Lugeil Spark Doll and it was true in Episode 12 after Alien Magnum killed her and claim the spark doll much to Haruto sadness. Haruto promise her to destroy Dark Ketaros which he succeed and she can rest in piece. Her memories with Haruto and the rest of his friends faded away.  


  • Haruto was one of the most dearest friend that she wouldn't forget.

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