Marie Yamato is the human form of Ultrawoman Luter.


Marie resembled Mizuki, minus her eyepatch and wearing girlish civilian clothes


She shares Luter's personality, since she is just a disguise. Luter is rather determined, stubborn and tomboyish but acts rather girl when Orion/Alex is around.

Oddly enough, Luter is more likely to fight that Orion/Alex

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ultra Senses: She still has access to her Ultra senses
  • Superhuman Body: Her body is superhumanly strong and durable, it is impossible for a normal human to hurt her.
  • Telepathy: She can communicate telepathically
  • Barriers: She can erect barrriers at will
  • Healing: She can use her Ultra powers to heal others.


  • Her first name mean Beloved, Loved, Star of the Sea etc, while her second name is an ancient name for Japan and is sometimes used to refer to it. Thus her full name effectively mean Beloved/Loved Japan.

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