Mai Kerizawa is one of the female main charater in Ultraman Reuz series. She is also Haruto's childhood friends. She have a love crush on Daiki Watarai but never really talk to him about it. Her dream is to become an idol.

Mai Kerizawa
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 16 (Before Timeskip) - 19 (Current)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 145 cm
Weight 35 kg

Profile and BiographyEdit

  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Age: 16 (Before timeskip) - 19 (Current)
  • Likes : K-Pop, Exo- Wolf, Big Bang, B2ST, Super Junior and the rest of Korean Boy Band, Daiki
  • Dislikes : Daiki got beat up badly, someone hurting her friends
  • Family:
    • Osaka Kerizawa: Father
    • Yumi Nona: Mother
    • Toshiro Kerizawa: Big Brother, apperred in episode 10


Mai have a short hair passes her neck, light tone skin and short appearance overall. She has beautiful eye, and pink lips. She usually wear White dress, and a blue long pants like teenagers always wear.


Mai is a kind and shy girl sometimes she was brave to protect her friends. A childhood friend of Haruto, Mai had a dream of being an idol. She also had feelings for Daiki yet she was aware of his doesn't feel the same. Mai chose to stay quite and maintain their friendship. In time Mai began to make her dream come true, she took the Idol Exam to and enter the University in Tokyo.  


  • Mai Kerizawa shared the same birthday as Daiki Watarai.

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