Subtitle: King Demon Beast of Water
King Demon Beast of Oil (Ultraman Comp)
Gender: Male
Height: 45 m
Weight: 23,000 t
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: None
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation Unknown
Created by BigD2003

Maga-Takkong is the King Demon Beast counterpart of Takkong.


Maga-Takkong looks like a normal Takkong, but has a Maga-Crystal embedded in his head. His body color is the same as Maga-Jappa's.


In an alternate universe of Ultraman Orb, the King Demon Beast of Water, Maga-Jappa, never existed but in its place was taken by Maga-Takkong.

Ultraman CompEdit

Maga-Takkong is set to appear in this series along with other artificial King Demon Beasts.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Maga-Water Stream: Maga-Takkong can spit a stream of water from his mouth and some of the pores covering his body.
  • Maga-Water Bomb: Maga-Takkong summons a hailing barrage of water bombs towards the opponent. After that Maga-Takkong then rolls onto the opponent.
  • Maga-Capture Bubble: Maga-Takkong can release giant bubbles from the pores on his body that can trap smaller creatures.
  • Maga-Oil Blast: Maga-Takkong can squirt jets of thick, oil-like ink from some of the pores on his body, which can blind Ultras if it hits their eyes.
    • Maga-Oil Spill: By using the Maga-Oil Blast underwater, Maga-Takkong can cause oil spills that devastate ocean ecosystems.
  • Adept Swimmer: Being an aquatic monster, Maga-Takkong can swim at moderate speeds.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Maga-Takkong can leap high and far through the air, whether using his legs or by using his round body to bounce great distances.
  • Ultra Fusion Card Sealing: The original version of Maga-Takkong can seal Ultraman Jack's Ultra Fusion Card back into himself by ripping and weakening the Hurricane Slash Fusion Up in the process.


  • Maga-Takkong was initially cast as the King Demon Beast of Water, in Ultraman Orb, but because a Takkong suit wouldn't fit into the storage warehouse, his role was scrapped and replaced by a modifed Zoa Muruchi suit - which became Maga-Jappa.