Luna Banderas
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Gender: None
Height: 1.1 m ~ 48 m
Weight: 20 kg ~ 38,000 t
Home world/Origin: A moon in another solar system
Series: TBA
Type: Will Manifestation
Affiliation Unknown Moon
Created by Zombiejiger
Luna Banderas is a moon-based version of the sun alien Banderas. Luna Banderas is the main antagonist of TBA.


Luna Banderas was the manifestation of a planet's moon in a close solar system. As the moon was dying, the it projected its will as a being to absorb Minus Energy to nourish it. As the alien searched planet after planet for the Minus Energy, it finally found a suitable world: Earth.

The manifestation set up residence in a small town with a silver mine. Luna Banderas caused silver to appear all over the town, making people become greedy and attempt to get as much silver as they could.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Minus Energy Manipulation/Storage: Luna Banderas can control and store Minus Energy.
    • Silver Generation: Luna Banderas can generate silver to create Minus Energy in humans.
    • Mind Control: Luna Banderas can mind control humans using their Minus Energy.
  • Eyebeams: Luna Banderas can fire silver-blue beams from his eyes.
  • Moonlight Radiation: Luna Banderas can radiate silver-blue moonlight from his body.
    • Blinding Flash: Luna Banderas can emit blinding flashes of moonlight.
  • Teleportation: Luna Banderas can teleport.
  • Size Change: Luna Banderas can change size from a large, floating eye to his combat form.
  • Endurance: Luna Banderas can stand up to the Specium Ray without harm.
  • Stargate: Luna Banderas can use a portal known as a Stargate to travel from planet to planet.