(Pronounced: Luna Phobos) Meant to be the enemy of SolZen, the prototype UItraman Myth, I am not sure if I will implement him in anything. I made this page so that I would not forget about him.

SolZen321 (talk) 18:40, November 7, 2013 (UTC)


LunaPhobos is the son of SolZen who turned evil partially in resentment to his father. Defeated in the war that destroyed his homeworld he was sealed away by his father and longs to destroy all things created by his father.

LunaPhobos is mentioned in the Book of Sol as a figure who would appear and lay ruin to the Garden of Sol and 'empty the Pit'


Where SolZen's body glows bright with light, LunaPhobos' skin is all black and his eyes glow purple. He heavily resembles SolZen except that instead of a Sun Spot he has a BlackHole. In the middle of his chest is a black crevice where his chest seems to sink in like a chasm it is filled with darkness that radiates out. He also has clawed hands and feet and spiked shoulders and three rows of tiny spike going down his upper legs.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Skin: LunaPhobos' skin can withstand beams, fire and high heat. His skin is also resistant to injury.
  • Black Hole: His energy core, it appears to be swallowing his chest into darkness hence the name. It radiates out dark energy
  • Hair: His hair is made of the same material as the rest of his body. It is where most of his energy is collected.
  • Shadow Energy: The black purple energy that he runs on. It what is used for all of his attacks
  • Eyes: LunaPhobos' eyes can see through the dark and across vast distances
  • Power: LunaPhobos' muscles can produce superhuman power, in comparison to humans.
  • Biotics: LunaPhobos' possesses similar Biotics to the Ultras from the Land of Giants.
  • Arms: Can channel his Shadow Energy to produce beams and Phase energy.
  • Feet: Similar to the Arms are simply used for flight
  • Brain: LunaPhobos' is telepathic



  • Lunar Cross Shot: Fired like SolZen's Stellar Cross Shot, it is almost as powerful
  • Lunar  Dark Bomb: Charges energy into his fist and punches the ground, sending a shockwave of energy across the ground.
  • Lunar Darkness: LunaPhobos overloads his core radiating out dark energy all around him.
  • Darkness Sphere: LunaPhobos' equivalent to the Corona Light Bomb.

Standard Abilities

  • Darkness Shield: A shield made of Shadow Energy.
  • Luna Shot: A Light Bullet of Shadow Energy.
  • Luna Punch: A punch charged with Shadow Energy
  • Luna Kick: A kick charged with Shadow Energy.
  • Lunar Nightmare: A dark counter part to the Stellar Garden.


  • In running with Myth's SolZen's ability/theme of reincarnation, LunaPhobos would have been his son in one of his female incarnations. He grew to be a spoiled brat and a tyrant and went mad with power when he discovered his powers forcing his Father/Mother to return and seal him away in a Stellar Garden until he escaped in modern times. It should be noted that SolZen and LunaPhobos' true forms were intended not to have genders.

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