Lord Ancalagon the Black
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: Ancient
Height: 52 meters
Weight: 80,000 tons
Home world: Smaug
Series: Heroes of Light (Extended Lore)
Type: Dark Ultra-like being
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Power
Family Unknown
Affiliation Himself
Created by Zombiejiger

"I am of the void. The void consumes, it destroys, it ravages, as do I. I am the ravager. I am the destroyer. I am the void."

―Lord Ancalagon the Black

Lord Ancalagon the Black is the alias of aDrake from the Ancalagon System.


Ancalagon was a Fire Drake living on the planet Smaug shortly before the Father of Darkness' attack. During the shadow's assault, Ancalagon was injured, and presumed dead. When the planet was destroyed and corrupted, Ancalagon was twisted into a dark shell of his former self.


"He is neither dead nor alive, but in a state in between. He is death."


Ancalagon gained new powers as The Black, including the ability to drain his victims life force.


  • Life Drain: "Lord Ancalagon" can drain the life of so called "lesser beings". This causes him to live forever, or as long as he can absorb life energy. This appears as him draining energy from his victim's eyes.
  • "Fury of the Storm": Like most Drakes, "Lord Ancalagon" carries a sword. His is a large, twin-bladed broadsword.
  • Ravager Storm: A basic Drake ability corrupted into a dark blast of red lightning that is projected from The Black's palms.


  • "Lord Ancalagon" is based on Darth Nihilus, a Sith Lord from the Star Wars game, KOTOR II. Zombiejiger had just finished the game (for the 20th or so time, :D) when he decided to make a character based on Nihilus.
  • "Lord Ancalagon"'s theme song is The Dark Eternal Night, by Dream Theater.