The Light of Zen is a rarely seen form of the Light of Nature more powerful than the Light of Reason or Instinct


The Light is born of a combination of the Lights of Reason and Instinct. More accurately the Light of Reason and the pure red light, the Light of Will. Together they produce a golden glow that grants the benefits of both forms but none of their draw backs, both powers working to back up the power of the other.

The Light can be used by an Ultra who has achieved a balance and strong heart and enlightenment. Dark Ultras, immature Ultras and Ultras that master only Reason or Will cannot hope to achieve this power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Realization of Potential: The light of Zen would make any Ultra have access to the powers of the Lights of Reason, Instinct and Brave.
  • Power Generation: The Light of Zen grants the owner a more potent energy and allows the Ultra to generate power from both spiritual and literal light.
  • Strength of Spirit: The Light of Zen grants the user to perform acts that could well be considered supernatural.


To gain the Light of Zen, the Ultra must have mastered using the Light of Will and Reason. If they understand and uphold the Vow of Ultra they will be more powerful than if they didn't. Interestingly, in theory the Light of Brave should have the easiest time achieving this, but Ultras aligned to this light, typically do not have bodies considered suitable for combat.


  • The Light is similar in nature to Ultraman S' Light Change, both powers can be seen as the realization of an Ultra's ultimate potential. Yet the two powers are still different.
  • The Light of Zen is based of Ultraman Tiga's Glitter Mode.
  • The Light of Zen is supposed to be the purest form of the power of Ultra, bearing a similar appearance to the Light of Enlightenment. In fact the Light of Enlightenment can awaken this power in Ultras.

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