The Light of Instinct is the evil, negative counterpart of the Light of Reason. Creatures that are strong in the Light of instinct are drawn to Minus Energy. Despite its nature, there exists a purified form, that good Ultras unknowingly use, especially those known to be very physically strong, this is known as the Light of Will.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Light of InstinctEdit

  • Monster Creation: The Light of Instinct can create evil monsters, aliens and Ultras.
    • Physical Empowerment: The Light of Instinct can empower evil monsters, aliens and Ultras, making their bodies stronger and making them more aggressive. It can also bond with and corrupt a good Ultra, but only if they are willing and do not resist.
    • Advancement of Development: Interaction with the light of instinct can cause the physical development of a being, making them buffer/stockier and less streamline, it may also take away from their intelligence and leave them a raging berserker.

Light of WillEdit

  • Ultra Creation: The Light of Will, can create Ultras but those Ultras are stronger in terms of physical abilities but lacking in mental abilities. It creates red Ultras. This is because the Light of Will has more incommon with the Light of Reason.
    • Physical Empowerment: It can strengthen an Ultra's body.
    • Advancement of Development: Can make a being much strong physically, granting them physical superpowers and stronger Immune systems.


The physical manifestation of the Light of Instinct often appears as a twisted, monstrous Ultra or Ultra-like being. This being is made of red energy, and resembles Ultraman Belial. It has large claws which are capable of slicing Ultras. On it's own it is a dark red light, though in controlled amounts it is just a red light.

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