The Light of Chaos is a unique form of Mana, baring many similarities to the Light of Nature and its subforms the Light of Reason and Instinct.


As the Light of Nature and its positive and negative forms are unnatural forms of Mana, the Light of Chaos is the unnatural combination of these powers. Unlike the Light of Zen which is a merger of both the Light of Reason and Will (The positive form of Instinct), the light of Chaos was an attempt to merge Reason and Instinct, two powers that contradict each other, resulting in a power that holds similarities to both, Instinct and Malice (The negative form of Reason) which cannot merge, unlike their postive counterparts. The result is a chaotic energy field that warps all life it touches


The creation of an old alien scientist, who saw the Ultras as too inefficient protectors when his world was destroyed by invaders. He sought to create a replacement, somehow gaining energy from an Ultra's Energy core and a Monster's Plasma Organ. The forced merger surpassed the power of Blue and Red Ultras and monsters. He gave this power to his last child his son, who would be known as Minus.


The Light of Chaos resembles a purple energy field with gold, red and yellow highlights.


  • Chaos Powers: The Light of Chaos bears the powers of the Light of Instinct and Reason. Only Ultras appear to be resistant to the Power of Chaos.
    • Bio Field Replication: The Light of Chaos can copy the Bio Field of another Life form, recreating them as a copy controlled by whoever controlls the power of Chaos. That is unless the owner places a mind within the husk or allows them autonomy, allowing for their own consciousness to form. These copies will always be Chaos versions of the victim.
    • Chaos Empowerment: The Light of Chaos can empower a life form into a Chaos form of themselves, taking control of them.
    • Chaos Infection: By forcing Chaos power into a victim, the owner can take control over them. This may result in Chaos Empowerment.
  • Avatars: All Replicas created by Chaos power are directly controlled by their owner and can be used as conduits for the owners voice.