The Lex Argentii (The Law of Argentium) is a poem written entirely in Latin, detailing the laws of Argentium. Here follows a roughly translated exert. 

Part OneEdit

Silver star, silver worlds, silver moons aglow,

Their inhabitants should always their rules know.

Icy buildings, silver streets, beauty never tainted;

All the people housed within are with the law aquanted!

Part Two: Empirical LawsEdit

Here follows a tiny part of the law for the majority of the universe policed by m17 and the Argentium Ultras, who worked together to uphold intergalactic standards. 

Kill for defence, or else for food, but for the sake of it.

If eating, kill not the sentient, or else the law take stock of it.

Do not attack the weak; and bring wars to peaceful meetings

It may be the problem is solved with pacific proceedings.

Love not with lower passion, nor debase yourself to the animal

Never harm the helpless, and above all, never eat as a cannibal.

Do not plunder or rob, but seek help from the goodly

And if they refuse, tell the Ultra, how the recieved your poorly.

And so are the laws of the multiverse, and inrefutable are they;

But the law above all is merely one word, and that one is: Obey. 

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