Much like Orion's Galactic Law, The Laws of the King are the rules created by Ultraman King to govern the galaxy.

Ultra LawsEdit

The Ultra Laws are laws that apply to all residents of the Land of Light, Ultra or otherwise. 

  • Property Destruction: No Ultra shall damage another's property.
  • Murder: No Ultra May kill another.
  • Taking of another's property: No Ultra May steal from Another.

Alien LawsEdit

  • Invasion: A being that enters a protected people's territory (Humans, the Baltan Rebels, etc, are protected) without permission from an Ultra Garrison official shall be called an Invader and may be killed.
  • Invasion: If a protected alien enters another protected alien's territory they will be arrested.
  • Murder: If murder is committed in space the nearest Ultra Garrison Official will arrest the killer.
  • Murder: If Murder is committed on a protected planet the murderer will be killed.
  • Murder: If murder is committed on an unprotected planet the killer will be arrested.
  • Unauthorized technology testing: If any race protected or unprotected, tests dangerous technology on a planet that is not theirs the testers will be arrested.
  • Escape: If a being that is unprotected escapes the prison which orbits M78 they will be killed on sight.

Protected PeoplesEdit

  • Humanity
  • Baltan Rebellion
  • Alien Fanton

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