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Gender: Unknown
Height: 600 Meters
Weight: 550,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Dark Area
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation Gurnate (master)
Created by DucantheChoju
Kraken (クラーケン, Kurāken) is a giant ammonite monster from Ultraman Giz.


Kraken was created to fight Ultraman Giz by Gurnate, by fusing an ammonite fossil and a giant squid, then growing it to a massive size.  Giz fought it, but was forced back by the indestructable shell.  It was sucked away by Gurnate to the Dark Area.  It was later unleashed over NYC.  Giz fought it, but he was eaten whole.  Ultimately, it was destroyed from the inside out by the Giz Dynamite.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Shell: Kraken' shell is nearly indestructable, it cannot be cut by even the Gizzonium Saber.
  • Anti-Gravity: Kraken can defy gravity by floating.
  • Water Beams: Kraken can fire streams of super-pressurized water from his mouth.
  • Tentacles: Kraken's tentacles can extend thousands of feet, and grip ultras with immobilizing force.
  • Size: Kraken is almost as large as even Zogu.
    • Beak: Kraken's beak can cut ultra armor, and he can swallow Giz whole.

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