Kitonium Saltfox
Subtitle: Saltmons
Gender: Male
Height: 40m
Weight: 30,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Somewhere over the rainbow
Type: Antagonist
Affiliation His company
His friends
Created by UltraGrenburr12678

Kitonoum Saltfox is the main antagonist of ULTRAMAN TREND.


Kit is just as salty as the salt company he runs, and gets irritated easily. His way of life can be described as "There is the best, and then there is everyone else", leading him to constantly do the best that he can so as to not fall behind, by constantly one-upping everyone. As a manger, he is rather unenthical in his ways, as he aims to eliminate competition rather than embrace it, and does whatever be can to achieve a monopoly over salt across the galaxy.

He's also really scared of distilled water.


One day, Kit decided to get into the salt industry. He set up a local factory and managed to somehow supply salt to his whole planet within a year. He later expanded out his company across the galaxy, by invading worlds and forcing their inhabitants to work at salt mines, and then draining theor oceans. These unethical practices were all hidden under corporate cover-ups and Kit became "that really cool successful entrepreneur that kids learn about in school".

At work someday, he heard rumours about Ultraman Trope insulting him and his company...and his friends. So they got together and became a bunch of warlords using the fortune that Kit amassed. Travelling from planet to planet, they searched for Trope so that they could kill him. Eventually they went to Earth, when they heard rumours about Trope sightings there.


Kit's original form.
  • None
Kit undergoes surgeries to upgrade himself so that he can defeat Trope.
  • Neogenic R(Ree)-Type Generator Beam: A fancy name for an energy beam.
Reeconstructed Kitonium Saltfox is more powerful than ever.
  • Red Lightning Bolts: Red lightning bolts are unleashed from Kit's body.
  • Red Lightning Ray: A red lightning ray fired from his hands.
  • Superstrength: Immense strength.