It is a monster appear in Ultraman One: Episode 2. It is a combination of past Ultraman monsters, King Pandon and Golza. It has similar head design to Pandon and similar body to Pandon. It has the powers of the two monsters.



Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Fire Breathing:L ike Pandon, King Magma Fire can launch fire from his mouth. Very powerful.
  • Super Ultrasonic Wave: Like Golza, King Magma Fire can fire a wave similar to the original Golza.
  • Metallic Body: King Magma Fire has several armored body parts that can resist sluggers.
  • Claws: King Magma Golza had claws that can scratch his enemy to allow the Ultra color timer to blink.
  • Magma Dynamite: His most powerful attack, it can cover him with fire and rush to the enemy and burn them.
  • Magma Beam: Used as a finisher.


  • It is based King Pandon and Golza.

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