King Joe Tiger Custom
Gender: None
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 48,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Pedan
Series: TBA
Type: Robot
Affiliation Alien Pedan
Created by Zombiejiger
The King Joe Tiger Custom (KJTC) is an orange and dark gunmetal tiger striped King Joe. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Before first modificationEdit

  • Electric Energy Bolts: King Joe Tiger Custom can fire two electric energy bolts from the knobs on his "face".
  • Electric Shield: King Joe Tiger Custom can create an electric shield that can zap opponents if they touch it.
  • Pedantic Armor: King Joe Tiger Custom is built from Pedantic Armor, a very sturdy type of metal.
  • Seperation Ships: King Joe Tiger Custom can split into four ships for flight and combat.

First modificationEdit

  • Electric Energy Missiles: Part of his customization, King Joe Tiger Custom features a powerful Electric Energy Missile launcher in a panel in his chest.

Second modificationEdit

  • Powered Energy Blades: Part of his second modification, King Joe Tiger Custom is equipped with wrist-mounted energy blades.
  • Assault Electric Cannon: Part of his second modification, King Joe Tiger Custom is equipped with a removable shoulder-mounted electric energy cannon that is very powerful, capable of knocking Chaos Header Ghost down with multiple hits.


The King Joe Tiger Custom was a King Joe outfitted with a missile launcher and tiger striped. It fought against the Chaos Header Ghost and lost, but was repaired.


  • King Joe Tiger Custom is based on the customized mobile suits of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise (Such as the Genoace O-Custom).

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