King Ghidrah
Ghidrah UVG
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Gender: Male
Height: 100 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Versus Godzilla
Type: Monster
Affiliation None
Created by Toho Company, LDT
Also known as King Ghidorah, Ghidrah is a monster mentioned in the backstory of several characters.


Ghidrah was not the first space monster to attack Earth, but he was the most powerful upon his arrival. Ghidrah tore through Osaka and was met by the SSSP who were lead at the time by Meiji Hayata. Ghidrah was not destroyed, instead the space monster retreated to the black from whence it came. The end result of its attack was the vast devastation of Osaka which after two years is begining to see a semblance of its pre-attack state. However, the fear of Ghidrah return is an always real and present threat for those who survived the attack.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Graviton Beams: Resembling Yellow lightning, the beams are powerful enough to counter Godzilla's charged beam.
  • Armor: It's armor is resistant to most beams and conventional weaponry.
  • Flight: He can fly on his own, even without his wings, at Mach 3


  • The Picture was drawn by tgping of deviantart.
  • Ghidrah has affected almost every single main character in the series.