King Ghidorah
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Gender: Male
Height: 80 Meters
Weight: 20,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Space
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Villian
Affiliation None
Created by Brian Haughton
King Ghidorah is a very strong space dragon from Ultraman Zach.


Ultraman Zach Episode 12Edit

An asteroid had landed in a suburb outside of the city and was discovered by a group of mountain climbers. The Citizens reported it to the EDF, the next morning the team investigated the asteroid, but to have their Photon Lasers sucked onto the asteroid. Once the asteroid gathered enough power it exploded in the air, and took the form of King Ghidorah. At the same time Godzilla had surfaced, Ultraman Zach appeared to fight Ghidorah. Zach and Godzilla teamed up and killed Ghidorah. Ghidorah was killed by a Gallium Ray/Atomic Breath combo.

​Ultraman Zach Episode 18 (As Mecha-King Ghidorah)Edit


Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • King Ghidorah flies at the speed of Mach 3.
  • King Ghidorah is able to fire Gravity beams from his mouths.
  • King Ghidorah is able to create hurricane winds from his wings.
  • King Ghidorah uses his necks to constrict an opponent.