King Crab
Ele king crab
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Gender: male
Height: 46m
Weight: 41,000 t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
King Crab is a Super Monster that was sent by Yapool that appeared in the series Ultraman Element. He appeared in episode 7.

Subtitle: Giant Crab Super Beast


Height: 46m

Weight: 41,000 t


Flames: As a last resort, he can shot a stream of flames from a tip on his race

Ocean Water Foam: From the tip on his face, he can spray foam that is enough to destroy Steel.


King Crab was a monster that hid in the ocean under no influence of the EVT team, he attacked anything that came near it one of its victims was a young boys father who was killed by the monster at sea. The father's spirt came back in the form of a horseshoe crab. He found the boy and requested to be taken to the EVT base to tell about the monsters arrival. The team soon found it coming to shore and attacked it. Because of its thick shell they ran out of ammo and with no other choice Forrest and Juliana became Ultraman Element. The two dueled and almost sealed a victory while he was distracted by was soon strangled by the monsters tail. Luckily, the boys father distracted the monster long enough for it to lossen its grip , but only to be killed by its foam. Angred the giant soon launced the Element Ray at its only weakness, its head and killed it.


  • Like Hanzagiran and Black Pigeon, he has very few diffrence in which he can shot foam and his head gains large points and large feet and legs