The home of King , it is a massive temple on a crystal Land Mass serving as the Land of Giant's moon.


The temple appears as a giant greek style palace/temple made of white marble and etched with golden circuit lines all over. It rests on a land mass the size of Earth's moon and takes up most of the size.


  • Light Chambers: Resting places for Ultras, they work like the Ultra Dimension but are more powerful.
  • The Sanctuary: A pocket dimension with a rainbow sky and silver grass, it is home to powerful plants and herbs not found anywhere else.
  • Plasma Chamber: A room filled with plasma that appears as glowing blue orbs, it is King's place of meditation. Each sphere of Plasma acts as a miniture sun, it is a place of restoration and peace. It is also where King forges objects or power.
  • Rooms: Bedrooms for King and Prime and guests.
  • Inner Sanctum: An area where only King himself may venture.
  • The Light Room: A room that appears as swirling currents of light, allows one to remote view all over the universe.

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