Title: Being of Hellfire


Killeroid resembles a giant humanoid made of black shriveled vines. His head has 'branch hair' and a single metal disk for an eye. On the right side of his chest is a mouth and on his biceps and upperlegs are two glowing diodes. He also has wing like protrusions on his back under which vents may appear.


  • Height: 40m (At full size)
  • Weight: 35,000 tons (At full size)
  • Origin: Ancient Earth


  • Plasma Ray: Killeroid can fire a flaming plasma ray from his mouth.
  • Fire: He can coat his hands in fire or throw streams of flames.
  • Absorption: He can absorb fire and heat and nuclear material and radiation into his glowing diodes into his plasma store.
  • Merger: He can physically merge with a human's nervous system, doing so will increase his power.
  • Metamorphises: Killeroid can transform his hands into various forms.
    • Spears: Killeroid can change his arms in lance like blades.
    • Whips: He can change them into telescopic whips with clubs on the end.




  • Killeroid is based on the Kilalien's and Iris from the third Heisei Gamera movie.

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