Gin Watarai is a young man who comes from a rich family, known as the Watarai Group. His intentions are unknown but they appear somewhat malicious. He was the host of Jean Bot Keychain Doll.

Profile and BiographyEdit

  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Likes : K-Pop, Exo- Wolf, Big Bang, B2ST, Super Junior and the rest of Korean Boy Band, Photografer, Elly
  • Dislikes : Evil force
  • The host of : Jean Bot Keychain Doll
  • Tranformation item : Jean Pad


Gin has a style hair which is he make it like Mohawk style. His hair colour is brown like yellow similar to Tomoya Ichijouji in Ultraman Ginga series. He has a serius face, and sometime not smile everyday. He isn't like Haruto who is happy and even he accept his friendship once, he feel Haruto bond with him is unbreakable.

In the season two of Ultraman Reuz, He, Mai, Marina and Gaku will wear their school uniform as the summer just over and school start. But only Haruto who wear Red Jacket, Black T-shirt inside, and a black throusers, the way similar to Haruto Soma from Kamen Rider Wizard wear but Haruto in Reuz series wore a shoes quite like sandals.


Gin was a young man who was a new transfer student, he appeared in episode 4. In episode 5, he appeared along with the others to save Haruto from been test to his Mergin to Ultraman Reuz.

Behind The SceneEdit


Gin Watarai is potrayed by Dori Sakurada, who once also the cast of Kotaro Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O. Gin will also sing the newest theme song of Ultraman Reuz, Reuz No Ika. 


  • Gin Watarai shared similar characteristic to Tomoya Ichijouji, beeing quite and mature watching Haruto movement.
  • Gin also prosseses a Dark Spark but he didn't merge with them.

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