Kairose was an Intergalactic Agent scheduled to appear in maxpower02’s Ultraman Tiga fan fiction . A more ruthless counterpart of Kesam , Kairose was a very dedicated agent, taking his mission seriously and is also holding a grudge against Earth for turning Kesam against his agency in his final moments. His plan involves abducting GUTS’ very own Sryanne Siburian, forcing her to create a detonator for Kairose’s satellite hovering over Earth, which in turn will fire several nuclear warheads at the planet.

Subtitle: Intergalactic Agent (銀河系エージェントGingakei ējento)

Stats & TraitsEdit


  • Height: 1.8 ~ 49 m
  • Weight: 67 kg ~ 14,000 tons


  • Energy Blasts: Kairose can fire missile-strength blasts of green energy from each of his hands.
  • Shock Grip: When grabbing an opponent, Kairose can surge painful volts of energy through his hand, delivering a painful shock to whatever he’s touching.
  • Human Disguise: When on Earth, Kairose can disguise himself as a human to blend in with society. Whilst Kesam choose a young Japanese man for his disguise, Kairose chose an elderly Caucasian as his.
  • Henchmen: Kairose brought with him several henchmen that resemble robotic copies of his true form; their purpose is to help Kairose with his plan to destroy Earth. They can assume human forms to blend themselves into society and are armed with laser rifles. Strangely enough, their human forms are identical to each other.
  • Super Speed: For a brief moment, Kairose can increase his running speed to a blurring dash.


Ultraman TigaEdit





400px-Mark Hamill 2010

Mark Hamill, who Kairose's human form was based on.


Ji Sung, whose Kairose's henchmen's human forms are based on.

  • Kairose’s human form was based on American actor Mark Hamill, famous for portraying Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy, while the human forms of his henchmen are based on Korean actor Ji Sung.

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