K Fookooy Day
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: None
Type: Alien
Affiliation Unknown
Created by UltraGrenburr12678


K Fookooy Day is Ultraman G'd's nemesis. He's the one summoning Kaiju to do battle with Ultraman G'd. His true motives are unknown. He has the same Riser as G'd.



Literally Skull Gomora.

Thunder Killed Her

Literally Thunder Killer.

Miserable Arc Berial

Literally Magamaga Arch Belial.

Pet on Em Satan

Literally Pedanium Zetton.

King Gyalacksxtron

Literally King Galactron.


A fusion of Gadrosaurus and Alien Milo from my Mirrablaze series. K somehow came into possession of their kaiju capsules. He thought that it might be interesting to use monsters that ultras have never fought before, and what a kaiju/ seijin fusion might look like. He was of course stopped by G'd during his rampage.

This form's element is Water.

This fusion was made because:

  • I want to beat everyone else to the fan kaiju fusion idea.
  • We needed an abomination.
  • There's a reason I put Gadrosaurus into the "Free-to-Use" category.
  • Submitted by Emgaltan


  • Bone Ball: Taken from Gadrosaurus, Gadromile can shoot a ball made of bone marrow at opponents.
  • Shield: Gadromile can summon a temporary energy to protect himself from attacks.
  • Pincers: Gadromile's pincers are extremely sharp, capable of taking a chunk out of a monsters flesh once closed.
  • Tongue: Gadromile has a long sticky tongue that can grab opponents and pull them closer for more attacks.
  • Horn Lasers: Gadromile's two black horns can shoot lasers.

Body features

  • Gadromile looks as if a blue horned dinosaur with pincer hands were to fuse with a diving suit.

Chimera Tyrant

"Fusion Rise! Tyrant! Jumbo King! Ultraman Belial: Chimera Tyrant!"

―Transformation announcement

A fusion of Tyrant and Jumbo King. After successfully getting the Jumbo King capsule from the Monster Graveyard, K fuses Tyrant with Jumbo King to wreck havoc and defeat G'd. This fusion beast possesses the power of kaijus and chojus as well as the powers of its components.

This form's element is Fusion.

This fusion was made because:

  • Both are chimera monsters
  • Both have four legs (Tyrant as EX Tyrant has four legs)
  • Submitted by Sentinel 72


  • Flames: Chimera Tyrant can breath out a stream of powerful flames.
  • Ice Breath: Chimera Tyrant can breath out freezing gas.
  • Lightning Vision: Chimera Tyrant can fire lightning from its eyes.
  • Missiles: Chimera Tyrant can fire missiles from its mouth in rapid succession.
  • Super Strength: Combining the power of monsters and chojus greatly increases Chimera Tyrant's strength.
  • Teleportation: Chimera Tyrant can teleport anywhere it wants.

Body features

  • Four Legs: Chimera Tyrant has four legs.
  • Mace and Axe: Tyrant's trademark weapon remains in this fusion, used to batter the opponent to submission. The mace is also equipped with a grappling hook.
  • Thick Armor: Chimera Tyrant inherits the tough armor of Tyrant.

Zettonian Detton

"Zetton II! Detton! Similar names unite!"

―Activation announcement

"Feel the derp of darkness!"

―Pre-battle catchphrase

A fusion of Zetton II and Detton, no one saw that coming at all.

This form's element is Fire.

This fusion was made because:

  • Detton fusions from me. Do not be surprised
  • Similar names.
  • Submitted by Cdrzillafanon


  • All of zetton II and detton' s abilities because I am lazy

Petroleum Maricula

A fusion of Pestar Maricula. K was invited to a party by an Arabian prince but Riku and crew alongside a Little Star was also there. He then summoned this fusion beast, who is too fixated on the oil instead of it's objective.

This form's element is Fire.

This fusion was made because:

  • Both are aquatic creatures
  • Both drinks something (Pestar drinks oil while Maricula drinks blood)
  • Submitted by Sentinel 72


  • Absorption: Petroleum Maricula can absorb energy attacks to increase it's power.
  • Adept Swimmer: Petroleum Maricula can swim.
  • Fireball: Petroleum Maricula can create fireballs.
  • Fire Stream: Petroleum Maricula can spew fire from its mouth.
  • Stealth: Petroleum Maricula cannot be detected by radar.
  • Sucking: Petroleum Maricula can suck oil using its mouth.


A fusion of Magnia, Gimaira, Mother Deents, and Amehza. K was a fan of Stephen King's The Mist and he wanted everyone to know it. He combined a bunch of parasitic monsters, and went to cause terror upon Tokyo until be stopped by G'd like usual.

This form's element is Wind.

This fusion was made because:

  • Because The Mist exist.
  • Been a long time since we've had any parasite stories in Ultraman.
  • It just sounds cool.
  • Submitted by Engaltan


  • Parasite Hoard: Parosotic can summon hoards off parasitic lifeforms, ones that hid in raindrops, ones that attack when Parosotic's mist is around, and blobs that spread a deadly bacteria.
  • The Mist: Parosotic can breath out a mist to hid from enemies.
  • Energy Horn: Parosotic's horn can shoot an electric ray from it's horn.
  • Tongue: Parosotic has a long tongue that can strangle and electrocute enemies.
  • Energy Beams: Parosotic can shot electric beams from his eyes!
  • Acid: Parosotic can spray a deadly acid capable of melting Zettonium.

Grand Imperial Pedanium Galaxy King

A fusion of King Joe, Grand King, Inpelaizer and Galactron. K decided to take the four most powerful robots in the Ultra Series and put them together. This fusion of four Mecha is armed to the teeth and loaded with anti-Ultra weaponry, but is very slow. Rick decided to take advantage of this by using Across Musher and dodging all of this fusion's attacks while quoting Sonic the Hedgehog. Eventually, K ragequit and went home.

This form's element is Arsenal.

This fusion was made because:

  • All four are robots
  • All four are super powerful
  • Based on the Egg Dragoon from Sonic Unleashed
  • Submitted by A Fandom Contributor


  • Grand Galactic Pedanium Clauncher: GIPGK's right hand can transform into a claw that can be used for melee combat or shoot powerful lasers that can destroy monsters in one hit. A combination of the Galactron Shaft, Pedanium Launcher and Grand Claw.
  • Grand Galactic Imperial Saber: GIPGK's left hand can transform into a sword that can easily cut through Ultra Armor. It can also be launched from the robot's arm to hit faraway targets or spin like a drill for extra damage. A combination of the Galactron Blade and Grand King Specter and Imperializer's arm blades.
  • Ponytail of DOOM: Inherited from Galactron, it is prehensile and can be used to whip or choke enemies.

Durability + Healing Factor: This fusion inherits Grand King's extreme durability and Imperializer's healing factor.

  • Chest Ship: GIPGK's King Joe chestplate can detach and function as a spaceship, since he doesn't inherit King Joe's separation ability. This ship can fire Eldritch Shots and has a tractor beam.
  • Beam Spam: GIPGK inherits all the beam techniques of its components, because I ran out of ideas.

Body features

  • The chest, waist, and mouth (for some reason) are designed after King Joe
  • Back and tail are from Grand King
  • Galactron's head and legs
  • Inpelaizer's torso and arms, as well as its cannon face stationed above Galactron's head like it's Sam Fisher or something

Dark Matter Galactron

A fusion of Darklops Zero and Galactron. After observing the difficult battle between Galactron and G'd and Zero, K combines the Galactron and Darklops Zero Capsules to create Dark Matter Galactron. This fusion beast possesses the power of dimensional manipulation as well as the powers of its components.

This form's element is Machine.

This fusion was made because:

  • Both are machines from another universe with dimension-hopping capabilities.
  • Both defeated their respective opponents in their first battle.
  • Both make use of beams from their eyes as well as an 'ultimate attack' from their chests.
  • Submitted by Moar Crossovers


  • Darklactron Laser: A powerful beam from Dark Matter Galactron's cyclopean eye.
  • Darklactron Shoot: A destructive laser from Dark Matter Galactron's right arm. At full power, this blast can annihilate a city block.
  • Darklactron Spark: Dark Matter Galactron can concentrate dimensional energy into its Dimension Core to fire a blast that can send anyone within its blast radius into another universe or dimension.
  • Reality Warping: Dark Matter Galactron can control the space around it, using this ability to reflect physical or energy attacks, teleport, or travel to other universes.

Body features

  • Darklactron Shaft: A large braid attached to its neck that can pick up and lift opponents.
  • Darklactrton Blade: Dark Matter Galactron can flip up the weapon on its left hand which can also stretch to deliver a fatal stab to its target.
  • Darklactron Cannon: The claw-like cannon that functions as Dark Matter Galactron's right arm.
  • Darklactron Core: The core located on Dark Matter Galactron's chest.

Hyper Detton Deathsychte

A fusion of Detton and Hyper Zetton Deathsythe. After Zettonian Detton's failure, K attempts to create a more powerful version of the fusion, but since he used Hyper Zetton Deathsythe, it ended up actually being a downgrade.

This form's element is Slicing

This fusion was made because:

  • This long time chat joke must be realized
  • Submitted by Cdrzillafanon


  • All the things the components can because I'm on mobile and also lazy.


A fusion of every Zetton incarnation including Fire and Enhanced EX.

This form's element is Fire

This fusion was made because:

  • Why not.
  • Nobody's done this.
  • Submitted by by Emgaltan


  • Pilofezetons has the powers of every Zetton or Zetton variation to ever exist.

Body Features

  • A large blob of Zetton faces.



A fusion of U-Tom and Crazygon. K somehow managed to get the capsules of U-Tom and Crazygon, so he used them cos why not. He looks like a U-Tom wearing a hollow Crazygon over himself.

This form's element is Metal

This fusion was made because:

  • They're both robots from Ultraseven who were forgotten thanks to the overly popular King Joe.
  • U-Tom is a considerably weak robot while Crazygon is quite strong for Ultraseven. Opposites.
  • The fusion name is awesome.
  • Submitted by by Mao Wu Kong


  • Claw: His right arm is Crazygon's oversized claw by default.
  • Laser Gun: Right claw can be opened to reveal U-Tom's laser gun
  • Hammer: In place of his left hand is a hammer. Used for hammering.
  • Armour: Strong metal that prevents him from getting damaged easily.

Chimera Galberos

A fusion of Giga Khimaira and Galberos.

This form's element is Destruction

This fusion was made because:

  • Both are based on Greek Mythological creatures, Giga Khimaira being based on the Chimera while Galberos is based on Cerberus. (Ironically, before Giga Khimaira even made it into production, Galberos' suit was modified into a similar kaiju with a chimeric theme, Izmael)
  • Both have three heads
  • Both were originally thought by many fans to have been the fusion components of the upcoming Belial Fusion Beast, Chimeraberos.
  • Submitted by by UltraZilla2017


  • Gold-Silver Fireball: Chimera Galberos can shoot a gold and silver fireball from two of his heads at the same time. Has a homing effect.
  • Green Destructor: His middle head can fire a green fireball. Can knockout opponents for a while.
  • Chimera Hellfire: A very powerfull purple beam attack from the chest that can obliviate anything in its path.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Despite lacking the ability to fly like Giga Khimaira, Chimera Galberos can jump to incredible heights.
  • Immense Brute Strenght: Chimera Galberos is powerful enough to bite, beatdown or injure his opponents severely.

Body features

  • Overall body is shape like a centaur
  • Has three heads (Right head: King Silvergon, Left head: King Goldras, Center: King Gesura without eyes)
  • Four arms belonging to Giga Khimaira
  • Torso of Galberos with chest of Giga Khimaira
  • Actual front legs of King Gesura and hind legs of King Pandon
  • Tail of Giga Khimaira

Ultra Fight Telesdon

A fusion of Telesdon and Detton. K got the Detton and Telesdon capsules and decided to fuse them.

This form's element is Derp

This fusion was made because:

  • Had to happen at one point or another.
  • Sadly this is the last idea for a Detton fusion I have
  • Submitted by by Cdrzillfanon


  • All of Telesdon's abilities because the only thing Detton can do is burrow.

Magama Arch Belial Atrocious

A fusion of Magamaga Arch Belial and Belial Atrocious.

This form's element is Darkness

This fusion was made because:

  • Its so insanely OP I love it.
  • I was gonna do this the second I found out Belial Atrocious's components.
  • Submitted by by Cdrzillfanon


  • Magagama Arch Deathcium Atrociously Powerful Beam. An even more OP version of the Arch Deathcium Ray
  • This form can summon Kaiju at will, as both the Giga Battlenizer and Dark Spark are absorbed into the fusion
  • All of Arch Belial, Lugiel, Empera, and Maga Orochi's abilities but infinity times more powerful.

Yapool Killer

A fusion of Ace Killer and Yapool.

This form's element is Metal

This fusion was made because:

  • yapool is ace killer creator.
  • those two are popular monsters from ace.
  • both are from the same series.
  • both are revived in ultraman mebius.
  • Submitted by by A Fandom Contributor


  • metalic armor:a combination of yapool armor and ace killer metal body.
  • killer marionette:yapool killer charges a purple aura and perform a screwdriver attack toward the target.
  • red mebium shot:a red version of mebium shot.
  • red mebium burst:a red version of mebium burst

Body features

  • ace killer´s claw.
  • yapool´s claw.
  • mebium brace.

Dragon Lidorias

A fusion of Melba and Lidorias. After binge watching Tiga and Cosmos, K fused these two monsters to wreck havoc. Sadly G'd appears and calmed down the fusion beast, reverting them back to their capsules much to K's frustration.

This form's element is Wind

This fusion was made because:

  • Both appear on the first episodes of their series (Tiga and Cosmos respectively)
  • Both can fly and are avian-like.
  • Both were assisted by another monster during a battle (Golza for Melba and the various Kapuya Island monsters for Lidorias)
  • Both first appeared on an island (Easter Island for Melba and Kapuya Island for Lidorias)
  • Submitted by by Sentinel 72


  • Flight: Of course it can fly, what do you expect?
  • Melbanic Stream: Dragon Lidorias can fire energy beams from it's eyes and mouth in unison.

Body features

  • Hair: Dragon Lidorias inherits Lidorias' awesome hair.
  • Sharp Beak: Dragon Lidorias has a beak that can break things with ease.
  • Sharp Claws: Dragon Lidorias' hands have long sharp claws to slash through enemies.
  • Wings: Dragon Lidorias has a pair of wings for flight.

Gaznero Bemstar

A fusion of Galactron and Bemstar. K had decided to make yet another monster to trouble G'd. He fused the kaiju capsules of Galactron and Bemstar to do. After a rampage, G'd defeat, some plot twist, and Gaznero Bemstar's defeat, K wrote a book about a destroyer of worlds that does that by eating them.

This form's element is Wind

This fusion was made because:

  • I originally thought this was an official fusion after missing hearing a toy review only to be sad it didn't exist. *It sounded cool too.
  • Both defeated Ultras in their debuts.
  • They take in things through their chest.
  • Lazurs
  • Both have metal parts and look a little cyborg.
  • Submitted by by Sentinel 72


  • Doom Laser: Gaznero Bemstar can shoot a powerful laser.
  • Chest Storage/ Mouth: Gaznero Bemstar takes in objects through it's chest, either storing it or eating it.
  • Wind: Gaznero Bemstar can flop it's wings to produce small tornados.
  • Flight: Gaznero Bemstar can fly.
  • Disk Arm: Gaznero Bemstar's arm can shoot out deadly disk.

Body features

  • More cyborg like Bemstar


A fusion of Arch Fedora and Woah King.

This form's element is Cringe

This fusion was made because:

  • I felt like it
  • Submitted by by Cdrzillafanon


  • Fedora. This form has a fedora which it can throw in frustration at an opponet
  • Memes
  • Generic Beam

Maga Demaagabora

A fusion of Maga Orochi, Demaga, and Gabora.

This form's element is Darkness

This fusion was made because:

  • For some reason I thought of these three Kaiju and thought it would be cool to fuse them
  • The abilities make it sound like Maga Orochi and Gabora are doing all the work xD
  • Submitted by by Cdrzillafanon


  • Armor. Combined from Gabora's shell and Maga Orochi's tough hide, this form is very durable and heavily armored
  • Maga Uranium Heat Thunderclap
  • Burrowing
  • Electrocution
  • Self Healing
  • Lifeforce Transferring
  • Uranium Consuption
  • Strength

Fan Submission RulesEdit

  • Fusions including FAN KAIJU are allowed as long as they are not from any material that is not on this wiki.
    • Please give a link to their page if possible.
  • Fusions of FAN KAIJU are allowed as long as you have the consent of the creators (if you are the creator of both, the rule does not apply).
  • Any submission with missing information will not be added.
  • Any submission NOT in the submission thread will not be added.

Have any fanfic fusions? Write them in the submission thread below and include:

  • Tab colour: 1st colour for background and 2nd for text. if you want to use HTML colour codes, refer to this website and then copy the code into your comment. Please include the "#" before the code. You can also request for multicoloured text, but not backgrounds.
  • Name: duhhh
  • Summary: What does this form do? How was it obtained? Optional.
  • reason(s) for fusion: Please write them in LIST form, like this list. "because it sounds cool" is a valid reason as well. In fact, there have been lots of ridiculous(yet funny) reasons. Be creative.
  • Element: You can make your own.


  • He is obviously a parody of Kei Fukuide from Ultraman Geed.

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