Jose Gonzalez is a member of the EDF in Ultraman Zach.  He can transform into a supporting hero, Kamen Rider Den-O

Jose Gonzalez
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5.75 ft
Weight: 160 lbs
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Sharpshooter
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Family Carrie Gonzalez, unknown parents
Affiliation EDF, Baltan Rebellion
Created by Brian Haughton

Early Life 0 - 10Edit

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Earth, Jose was the younger of two kids. His older sister Carrie was born there as well. He moved to San Francisco, United States before his first birthday, so he has no memories of Mexico. He entered school already bilingual, knowing English and Spanish, and was always creative. He would build things rather then talking with other students, and was never really paying attention. He was very athletic, and was able to jump high and punch hard. He really didnt care about Kaiju through his childhood. His mother died when he was 7, and his father when he was 9, and his 11 year old sister had to take care of him and their dog. They had no relativs in the US, so they lived on the streets. He dropped out of school days after his father died, and the two siblings and dog lived on money they got by begging. (Sad huh?)

Teen life (11 - 18) Edit

He pretty much lived on the streets with Carrie until they were old enough to get a job, and pay for food and clothes. They had saved up enough to get a small apartment, and Jose got a job at an ice cream parlor for money (And to eat ice cream!), and Carrie ended up with a job at a chain fast food place. One day is early 2028, someone approached Jose with a job opportunity: To join the EDF. Jose was initially not interested, but his opinion was changed when a Kelbeam attacked San Francisco, and the EDF came in to stop it. This event was called the Battle of San Francisco, and was where John lost all his teammates. The jobs had opened up since the battle, and Jose flew to Tokyo to register. He applied with some other people and became a member, assigned to New York City. Carrie, hearing that Jose had joined the EDF, thought the EDF was corrupt and power hungry, trying to replace the United Nations. She flew to NYC, and joined The Emerald Brace. Jose didnt discover this until the episode King Joe Returns!