The leader of HATE.


Jeffrey is an older man with a slim build, his hair is grey with a bald spot and his face has wrinkles. He has blue eyes and always wears the HATE uniform and pendant.


His real name is Andrew and he is a notorious con-man with a long history of fraud. One day he met a young woman who promised him power. Changing his face he began gathering supporters since the dawn of the 'Era of Monsters', working to turn public opinion against STAR. Since the arrival of Orion he has declared that STAR is in league with this 'alien invader' and with alies now attacking Earth his supporters continue to grow.

In secret Holmes has gained access to a hidden weapon which he hopes to use against Orion and cement himself as a hero on Earth.


Holmes is an utterly selfish man who cares for no one but himself, however he is charismatic due to his history as a con man. He often appears as a calm, almost grandfatherly persona but in reality he is a man out of his depths in terms of what he is dealing with.