Jean-bot Close-combat Type (ジャンボット近戦型, Janbotto kin senkei), also known as "Imit Jean-bot (ニセジャンボット, Nise Janbotto)", is a robot created by the people of Planet Esmeralda.


Constructed under the King of Esmeralda's request, Jean-Bot Close-range Type is a close combat-type machine identical to Jean-bot, with it's transformation mechanics stripped down in favor of combat agility. However, Alien Bat's minions: the Legionoid remnants attacked the factory and steals the machine. Jean-Bot and Jean-Nine tried to chase the Legionoids, but one of them destroyed a tank, and ignites an explosion, as their smokescreen.

After the machine was bought back to Alien Bat's base, the alien reprogrammed the robot to serve under him.


While based on Jean-Bot himself, Jean-bot close-combat type possesses greater melee combat Abilities.

  • Jean Knuckle: The machine's both fists can be launched to an opponent.
  • Jean Blade: Imit Jean-bot can generate blade from his both wrists The blade's parts can be used as a shield.
  • Laser Eye: Imit Jean-bot can fire a beam from this damaged right-eye.
  • Boosters: Imit Jean-bot has rocket boosters in his feet that can propel him through the air.
  • Endure: Imit Jean-bot can fake a death by enduring Zero's wide shot and generate an explosion and then separates his own body parts. After an enemy leaves, he reconnects his body parts and restore himself to normal. Only works once.


  • Imit Jean-bot's color scheme may be inspired to Imit Jumborg Ace, Jumborg Ace's evil doppelganger.