Jake Miliken is the alternate universe incarnation of Ultraman Moedari's human host. While his doppleganger (in some ways) comes from NYC, he comes from the Alaskan forests, however, both are from the United States. 

He was the first person the the three main ultras met after they destroyed SFII (Ship For Intergalactic Incarceration) and ended up stranded in an alternate universe to Tener, the first universe of Ultraman Moedari. Father Leo knocked him out and put a protective wall around him, to "save him from the bears."

Later, he helps them and some cloistered monks escape the hunters of the Hidden One, and even transforms into Moedari once, using the Moedari Neon, when Jake went missing. 


  • "Lamier" is derived from the Latin word for bloodsucker, i.e. vampire. 
  • Jake is technically not Moedari's host, but is able to transform into him if Moedari permits, because he "is" Jake Miliken. In a similar way, Miliken could most likely transform into Ultraman Midori, the Astrifer incarnation of Moedari. This is never proved in the show. 

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