Inheritance of Light (光の継承 Hikari no keishō) is the first chapter/episode of the Ultraman Tiga fanfic by maxpower02.

Disclaimers and OpeningEdit

Ultraman Tiga doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to Tsuburaya Corp. The OCs are.

Episode 1: Inheritance of Light

Super Ancient Monster Golza and Super Ancient Dragon Melba appear

OP: V6 – Take Me Higher


At the dawn of the 21st century, hatred and strife diminished and nature is now undergoing a process of restoration into it’s original, pristine state. The promise of world peace, long awaited by all living beings of Earth, was finally becoming a reality.

But all of this is was about to change.

A meteorite was seen flying through space, speeding past the Earth’s atmosphere as it’s rock-like outer coating burns away. The space object approaches the Indonesian Archipelago at fantastic speeds, approaching the western part of Java within minutes.

The peaceful night sky was interrupted by a brief red streak that flew through the air, before a loud thud was heard. The ground shook for a bit as the meteorite made an impact against it. The object’s coating has disintegrated, leaving behind a searing hot sphere-like object.


Meanwhile, hundreds of kilometers away, a futuristic-looking object slowly rose up from the Java Sea. It resembles a metallic pyramid of some sorts, with black highlighting and several dots of light adorning it, which probably indicates windows. The pyramid had several satellite dishes installed on it’s roof, while several slot-like openings are seen on the pyramid’s base, suspended to the sea floor by several gigantic pillars of metal.

A futuristic-looking yellow and black fighter jet suddenly shot out of one of the pyramid’s slots, as a ramp-like structure rolled out of it, acting like a door towards a hangar hidden inside the pyramid. The jet immediately flew away from the pyramid, moving through the night sky.


“Where am I?”

An image of a golden pyramid, standing proudly in the middle of the jungle, came into view. Suddenly two beams of energy shot out from nowhere, disintegrating the pyramid, revealing three gigantic statues inside. Two shadowy beings appeared and smashed through the two statues, before going towards the final one.

“What are you doing? Stop!!”


“Dude, wake up!”

The sudden noise caused the young man, around 19 years old, to jump out from his bed. The young man has black and spiked hair, as well as tanned skin and a rather muscular body.

“Is there a fire?” the young man asked his friend, a medium built young girl, around 20 years old. The girl had tanned skin, shoulder-length black hair as well as a pair of glasses on her cute face. Surely a kind of girl that any guy want to protect.

“No, you overslept again,” said the young girl, “And it’s 2 a.m, for God’s sake!”

“Sorry if I bothered you, Ratih,” said the young man, “But I kept having these nightmares for the past month!”

“The pyramid thing? Yeah, I know about that, Krishna, you told me about that several times already!” said Ratih, lazily returning to her own bed which is located in a room next to Krishna’s, “Go get some sleep! Later this morning our class will have a field trip to that newly discovered archeological site at Gunung Puntang.”

As Ratih slammed the door on her room shut, Krishna wondered about his dream earlier. Is it real? Or is he making it up?


The grounds at the Genting Highlands in Malaysia began to crack as dawn broke, signalling the awakening of something huge. A dinosaur head with what seems to be a hood over it. The head was dark pink, while the hood, extending back to the head’s neck, was silver. Several teeth came out of the head’s menacing jaw. The head broke through the ground, roaring as the dinosaur stood up, revealing it’s tall and muscular body, all dark blue except for it’s silver hood and pink face. Silver armor covers the dinosaur’s chest and shoulders. Hints of ivory white can be seen on the claws of the fingers and toes.

The Super Ancient Monster Golza had made itself known to the world.

The futuristic jet from before appeared as it flew towards the newly awakened Golza. A person is seen piloting the jet, a young girl, around 20 years of age. The girl, currently wearing a white and red jumpsuit with grey accents along with a helmet which is colored white and grey, looked in shock as her jet flew straight towards Golza.

“What is that?” the girl gasped, adjusting her square glasses on her face as she tried to avoid the dinosaur.

The jet flew around Golza as the dinosaur roared once again, before a nearby village came into the girl’s sight.

“Nurul, the monster is heading straight towards a village nearby,” announced the jet’s intercom with a female’s voice, “Try to use your flare blasts to distract it.”

“Roger,” replied the girl, before she reaches the button that reads out FLARES and presses it.

The jet fires two green blasts of energy that headed straight towards Golza. The energy blasts fell straight in front of the beast, exploding into two flashes of light. Golza was startled, backing away as it roared in rage towards the flying jet above it. As the jet tried it’s best to avoid Golza, the dinosaur roared once again, closing it’s eyes as it was blinded by the flares. Annoyed, the ancient kaiju uses its large claws to scratch away on the ground’s surface, burrowing itself as a manner of escape. The jet retreated away, pleased that the monster has been sent into retreat.


TPC, or Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium, is an international organization that works to protect the Earth from natural disasters and hazardous phenomena of unknown origin. They maintain their bases of operation and research facilities in locations around the world. Their facilities also include a moon base and a space station. All of these TPC facilities operate under the direction of the Far East Command Center located in Indonesia.

Made up of six elite members, the Global Unlimited Task Squad, or GUTS, is a specially formed division of TPC that investigates on the extraterrestrial phenomena.

Inside the futuristic looking operations room, the members of GUTS are currently examining the mysterious sphere from before, which is laid in front of them, along with the help of a few TPC scientists.

Sitting behind her computer is 19 year old Communications Officer Nimas Linggar Saraswati. The adorable looking white-skinned and chubby young girl with shoulder-length black hair carefully looked at the sphere as she typed some data into her computer, which is littered with many K-pop themed stickers around it.

Standing a few meters from Nimas, is Tech Officer Albert Gregorius, 23 years old. A jovial-looking white-skinned and chubby young man with short brown hair, he helped the TPC scientists as they took notes on the sphere.

Between Nimas’ computer desk and the table where the sphere is being studied is the room’s main table, where the members of GUTS usually received their briefings on missions. Sitting on the rightmost side of the table is an average-built young man, with white skin and curly but short black hair, as well as a face that indicates a Chinese descent. He may look nerdy with a pair of glasses on his face, but 26 year old Handoyo Hendrawidjaja is actually the team’s Deputy Captain, a stern and tough man who directs GUTS in field missions.

Meanwhile, sitting on the leftmost side of the table, is a rather tall and slender-looking young man with tanned skin and black hair that has been buzz-cutted like your average military cadet. 24 year old Nunu Adiwinata is the team’s ace pilot, a prideful man who usually pilots the team’s aircrafts. He’s a little cowardly though, despite his fearless approaches on extraterrestrial invaders, he’s quite fearful of the supernatural. And despite his tough outlook, along with Albert he is the team’s comic relief.

And finally, sitting on the middle of the table is a a tall young woman with an athletic build, tanned skin, and black, shoulder-length hair. 29 year old Tennissa Febriani is the captain of the team, affectionally called “Cap” by her fellow teammates.

As the team observes the mysterious sphere, the room’s sliding doors opened, as a 20 year old young girl enters the room. The girl has an average yet athletic build, white skin that has been tanned for a little bit, a beautiful face, straight chin-length black hair, as well as a pair of square glasses resting on her face. This is Nurul Aulia Hafidza Qolbi, the team’s secondary ace pilot that fought against Golza just hours earlier.

“Am I late?” asked Nurul as she enters the room, sitting next to Nunu.

“No, the examination is about to begin,” responded Nunu.

Albert and the TPC scientists backed away from the mysterious sphere, ready to begin the examination.

“So this is the meteorite in question...” whisper Nunu as Albert and the scientists began the examination.

“Looks like a capsule,” added Nurul, “Is there something inside?”

A TPC scientist walked forward, holding a laser gun-like device on her hands. The scientist places on her protective goggles as she took aim at the object, before firing a green laser into the sphere. As the members of GUTS watched on, the scientist slowly but carefully slices the laser vertically through the sphere, dividing the object right in the middle. After the process has finished, the scientist gave out a rather suprised look before turning over towards the GUTS members.

“This is no natural meteorite,” announced the scientist, “It’s completely synthetic.”

“What?!” gasped the members of GUTS, with the exception of Albert, who looked amazed at the discovery.

Immediately Albert and Nunu, along with a male TPC scientist, approached the meteorite and grab hold into it’s two halves. Nunu and Albert pulled out one side and the scientist pulled out the other. Apparently the two halves acted as a mere shell as something is revealed inside it – a futuristic-looking triangular device.

The device is later lifted from the examination desk and into the GUTS command table, with the members of GUTS (with the exception of Nimas) and the TPC scientists surrounding it. Nurul tried to touch the device, only for Handoyo to stop her.

“Don’t!” warn Handoyo, smacking Nurul’s hand away from the device, “We don’t know what it is yet!”

Suddenly the lights inside the operations room began to dim, even though no one is tampering with the light switches. The members of GUTS and the TPC scientists were surprised with this sudden change.

“Huh? What the?” gasped Nunu as he and the other members looked around the room, the lights around them dimming before the room became barely lit.

As sudden as the dimming room, the device on the command table began to glow, as a notch on the device opened up, revealing a small, circular red light. The light glowed, projecting an image of a white-haired middle aged woman in white robes.

“A hologram?” wonders Captain Tennissa as the hologram materializes in front of everyone’s eyes.

“It’s saying something!” said Albert as he looked at the hologram, before grabbing a pentagon-shaped device from the command table, his GUTSCOM, the GUTS members’ communication device. “We may able to make sense of it with the sound translator.”

Quickly Albert ran towards Nimas and her computer, taking out a USB data cable from his GUTSCOM.

“Nimas,” called Albert as he approaches the young girl.

Nimas immediately nodded, typing in a few codes into her computer before taking Albert’s USB data cable and plugging it into her computer. She then opens up the voice translator application, before Albert typed into his GUTSCOM. Nimas then typed again, prompting the voice translator to scan the hologram on the command table, compiling the voice of the hologram in order for the GUTS member to understand the message it tried to convey.

…of an Earth defense force…” said the application, before Nimas sets the newly created voice file back to the beginning.

“Here we go,” Nimas smiled as she played the newly created voice file.

I am Yuzare, the leader of an Earth defense force,” said the application alongside the hologram, “The very fact that this time capsule has reached Earth signals that the planet is about to be visited by a series of great catastrophes. These events will be foreshadowed by the resurrection of two monsters, the earth-shaking Golza and the sky-rending Melba, the Super Ancient Monsters.

“Golza!” exclaimed Nurul, “The beast I saw at Malaysia must be Golza!”

None can save the Earth from these catastrophes but the Giant of Light, Tiga,” continued Yuzare, “After serving as the guardian of the planet, the giant was laid to rest in the pyramid of Tiga, the body that he had used in battle. He then returned into his original form as a being of light and departed for the nebula where he had come. My children, you are called again to rise this giant and defeat the monsters Golza and Melba, along with the other monsters that came after them. There is only one way to resurrect the giant…

As sudden as she appeared, Yuzare’s hologram suddenly vanished into thin air, much to the shock of everyone in the room. The dim ambience of the room suddenly vanished as the lights lit up again to their normal settings.

“What do you think, Dr. Dhamayanti?” asked Captain Tennissa to the female TPC scientist next to her, a rather small-built woman with white skin and long reddish hair that reached to the small of her back, 31 year old Dr. Regina Dhamayanti.

“A time capsule disguised as an asteroid, some people will go a long way for a practical joke,” said Dr. Regina in a rather skeptical tone, taking off her gloves at the same time.

“It’s real!” exclaimed Nurul, “How else could it have predicted the appearance of Golza?”

“We’re not so sure if that monster in Malaysia is Golza,” said Handoyo, folding his arms.

“Soon enough, Melba will also…” Nurul tried to protest.

“Now, now, Nurul, to accept this as real means that we must believe there was once an ancient civilization that surpassed ours technologically,” said Dr. Regina, much to Nurul’s dismay.

A few minutes later, Nimas is busy typing on her computer as the other members of GUTS are sitting on the command table. An image of a digital map is seen on the huge plasma TV screen located on the front of the command table. The map displayed the digital imaging of Pangea splitting up into the continents that we all know and love right now.

Suddenly the sliding doors opened again, with Dr. Regina and Albert walking into the room. Albert is carrying a silver tray with a silver rock on it, a piece from the meteorite rock that encapsulate the device.

“We have completed the analysis of the radioactive elements in the meteorite that surrounded the device,” said Dr. Regina as she and Albert walked towards the other GUTS members, “It originated in a stratum of Earth from somewhere between 38.000.000 BC and 25.000.000 BC.”

“It is approximately 30 million years old,” added Albert, “Placing it on the third period of the Cenozoic era.”

“You’re kidding me,” said Nunu.

“No, I’m not. This meteor originates long before human beings appeared on Earth,” concluded Albert.

“It can’t be…” gasped Handoyo.

Suddenly the alarm system inside the command centre began to ring. The digital map on the TV screen immediately switched to a Google Maps version of it, which zooms in automatically to Australia, to the city of Darwin to be exact. A male Australian with auburn hair replaced the digital map.

“Attention please! A monster has appeared at the Jayawijaya Mountains in Papua! Now transmitting video from a camera on the scene,” announced the Australian, before the image on the TV switches once again.

It was a scene of horror as a red avian creature broke out from the Jayawijaya mountainside, screeching loudly as it swings its sickle-like claws around. The creature’s golden head and yellow, circular eyes poked out from the rock face, its golden beak lets out a frightening screech. Revealing its grey torso, similar to Golza’s chest patterns, the avian creature stood up with its two club-like feet, screeching loudly.

“It’s Melba!” exclaimed Nurul, “The sky-rending monster, Melba.”

“Monsters? Why now?” asked Handoyo.

“The Earth is undergoing a great change,” answered Nurul, “Yuzare was right. The time capsule is genuine. First Golza, now Melba! All that remains is the Giant of Light, Tiga.”

“The Giant, Tiga?” asked Captain Tennissa, “Where is this Tiga, then?”

“I’ve located Tiga!” Nimas’ cheerful voice interrupts the tense moment, “I’ll bring it right up!”

The TV screen changes image again, back to its digital map display as it zooms in into Indonesia, before into the island of Java, before zooming in even more to the West Java region.

“It’s in Indonesia?” gasped Nunu, “In West Java?”

“Yes, in the region of Gunung Puntang to be exact,” said Nimas.


An analysis of the ancient language suggested that the Pyramid of Tiga is located at Gunung Puntang, south of Bandung, West Java. To investigate the Pyramid of Tiga, Deputy Captain Handoyo, Nurul, Albert, and Nunu all set out flying in two GUTS Wings.

A few minutes later the roof of the TPC HQ opened up, revealing a large futuristic jet, colored yellow with black linings on its hull and wings. It’s considerably larger than the jet that Nurul piloted earlier, suggesting that it carries more than one person. This is GUTS Wing 2, GUTS’ secondary jet.

Meanwhile, GUTS Wing 1, the jet Nurul piloted earlier, launched itself from the slot at the base of the TPC HQ. The aircraft joined its larger comrade in the air as they set off towards Gunung Puntang.

Handoyo, Albert, and Nunu are piloting GUTS Wing 2, while Nurul is flying solo in GUTS Wing 1.


“Thanks for staying over at my place for a while, Ratih,” said Krishna to Ratih, who is sitting next to him.

The two of them are currently inside the bus that took their Archeology class for a field trip at the new archeological site at Gunung Puntang. The class’ professor is currently doing the roll call as the bus moved along the highway.

“That’s alright, that what best friends do,” Ratih smiled, “Also you always have guys visiting your place, right?”

“Stop it,” Krishna blushed, “Yeah, you’re the first girl who stayed at my place, but isn’t that because you’re my best friend in the first place?”

“True,” said Ratih.

“Cokorda Krishna Sadhana!” called the professor.

“Here!” responded Krishna, before turning his attention back to Ratih, “Are you sure that staying at my place will help me with my nightmare problems?”

“Dude. I’m the only person who stayed more than a day at your place. All of your guy friends avoided you after your nightmare episodes…” said Ratih.

“Ratih Adelia!” called the professor.

“Here!” responded Ratih, before looking at Krishna again, “Remember when we first met, right? Everyone else thinks that you’re a weirdo because you love anime and tokusatsu and sci-fi stuff. But not me. Even though I’m not a big fan of them, you’re a kind guy who didn’t play with girls’ feelings like those idiot boyfriends that I use to have. You’re a straightforward guy who likes me for who I am and appreciates me, therefore I also appreciate you.”

“Wow, thanks,” Krishna blushed yet again, “It’s quite rare to find friends like that these days…”

“You’re welcome,” said Ratih, as she looked at the window. The scenery has changed from the highway into a small road in the middle of the jungle, “We’re almost here.”

“Can’t wait to see that new archeological site,” replied Krishna.


Unknown to the two, above the bus that both Krishna and Ratih are in, the two GUTS Wings are flying above them. Strangely enough, the planes are heading towards the same direction as the bus. Inside GUTS Wing 2, Albert looked around the scenery in amazement.

“Do you really expect a pyramid will turn up in a place like this?” asked Albert.

Command centre to GUTS Wing 2, command centre to GUTS Wing 2,” Captain Tennissa’s voice echoed over the intercom.

“This is Handoyo,” responded Handoyo.

Melba’s on the move…it’s heading towards your direction,” warned the Captain.


Meanwhile, at the Jayawijaya Mountains, Melba screeched as it expanded its two, red transparent wings, blue veins are seen on them. The flying fiend jumped into the air, leaving a huge cloud of dust as it flies off.


“Crap. Thanks, Captain,” said Handoyo, before he closes the connection, “We must find that pyramid and we must find it fast!”


Back to Krishna and Ratih, as Ratih was busy chattering with her friends, Krishna looked out towards the window, staring at the rolling green vegetation around him.


Krishna gasped for a moment. He could have sworn he had heard someone whispering in his ears. But he decided to ignore it and looked towards the window again.

“Krishna…” said the voice again, this time in a clearer manner. It’s Yuzare, but Krishna hasn’t met her yet, “Your destiny is near…”

Krishna gave a puzzled look as he decided to ignore Yuzare, just as Ratih pointed towards the window.

“Look, we’re here!”

The bus rolled into a vast area, with the sign “TO SITE” with a large black arrow on it placed near a small alleyway on the area.

“Looks like we’re going on foot,” said Ratih again.


“So what is this site anyway?” asked Krishna as the Archeology class group went inside the alleyway.

“Dunno,” replied Ratih, “But I heard it’s a tomb of some kind.”

“Yeah, and its 30 million years old!” added a female student.

“30 million years old?” Krishna lifted his eyebrows in shock and amazement.

“Yeah,” the female student nodded, “Can’t believe there’s a tomb from a time where human beings haven’t appeared on Earth yet…”

“Has this discovery gone public?” asked Krishna.

“Not yet, but our professor has links to the site manager,” replied Ratih, “So we’re going to have first hand access to an undiscovered site.”

“Sounds good to me,” muttered Krishna, as the two GUTS Wings flew above him…


“Deputy, the sensors are detecting a large object nearby, around 5 km from here,” said Albert, pointing at GUTS Wing 2’s radar system, “Shall we land and cover the area by foot?”

“Yeah,” responded Handoyo, “Alright, let’s find a clearing and land there!”


“Alright guys, split up,” said Handoyo as both GUTS Wings landed next to a small stream in a reasonably-sized forest clearing, “Nurul, Albert, Nunu, you guys find the pyramid. I’ll stay here and monitor Golza and Melba’s progress.”

The three GUTS members nodded, before walking away from the jets. Handoyo, in the other hand, went into GUTS Wing 2 and sat near the intercom system, ready to receive any info regarding the Super Ancient Monsters.

“Be careful, stay in constant radio contact,” said Handoyo, the screen in front of him displaying the whereabouts of the other GUTS members.

The three members split up, with Nurul going upstream, Albert going down into the forest, while Nunu decided to look around the forest clearing. Nunu walked along the banks of the stream, moving himself through the many rocks along the edge of the stream as he took out his GUTSCOM and opened it. Meanwhile Nurul went into a rather large patch of elephant grass, looking around as she navigated herself through the tall vegetation. Suddenly...


Both Nurul and Nunu turned around and saw Albert tumbling down from the forest. Apparently he had tripped himself on a nearby tree root. Quickly, Nunu, who was nearby the forest edge, came to Albert’s aid and helped the young man to his feet.

“You okay?” asked Nunu.

“Yeah, but my butt’s killing me!” muttered Albert, rubbing his sore backside.


Meanwhile, the Archeology class group are still moving through the narrow alleyway that headed towards the newly discovered archeological site, lush vegetation literally surrounding the group. Suddenly the group saw a light at the edge of the alleyway.

“It’s there!” exclaimed the professor as he and the group rushed towards the light, “The newly discovered....Pyramid of Tiga!”

Both Krishna and Ratih gaped in awe as they exited the alleyway along with the other Archeology students. Standing in front of them is a huge golden pyramid, standing proudly in the middle of the forest. Several men are seen busy walking around the pyramid, apparently the archeologists who had discovered the huge structure. As the group splitted up, only Krishna and Ratih remained in the front of the pyramid.

“It’s just like the one from my dreams...” muttered Krishna.

“Yeah...” added Ratih, “Does it mean that your nightmares are some kind of messages?”

“I don’t know,” said Krishna, “But let’s hope my nightmares won’t happen here!”


Nurul was still walking along the elephant grass patch growing at the edge of the stream, when suddenly she saw a huge golden pyramid poking out from the dense vegetation.

“Guys!” called Nurul as Nunu helped a limping Albert through the grass patch, “It’s the pyramid! The legend is true!”

The three GUTS members immediately went towards the pyramid’s direction.


Meanwhile, the ornithological horror known as Melba is seen flying above the Bali Strait, screeching as it made it’s way towards the island of Java.

At the same time, at Tangerang, Golza is seen rampaging through the Banten capital, crashing through buildings as people fled in terror on the ground below. The dinosaur roared loudly, smashing through more buildings in the process.

Back at Jakarta, people began to form a crowd underneath a large LCD screen at Plaza Senayan, as the afternoon news began to air.

“Good afternoon. A huge life form, around 50 meters in height, appeared not long ago at Tangerang. It is moving East as we speak, destroying buildings and houses on it’s path,” announced the newscaster, the screen switching from him and into a scene where Golza is rampaging through Tangerang, “The TPC is currently investigating to determine whether this is the same creature that appeared in Malaysia this morning. All nearby residents in the cities of  Jakarta, Tangerang Selatan, Depok, Bekasi, Bogor, and Bandung are advised to evacuate.”


As the other Archeology students are following the professor in viewing the artefacts retrieved from the pyramid, Krishna and Ratih snuck away from the group and went towards the pyramid.

“What are we doing, Krishna? We may get in trouble!” warned Ratih.

“I’m getting nightmares about this place for a long time...It’s time to find out what this place has something to do with me!” replied Krishna.

The duo went around the pyramid, avoiding the detection from the patrolling archeologists, before making their way towards the structure’s wall.


While Krishna and Ratih are sneaking around the Pyramid of Tiga, the GUTS members had taken a brief rest nearby, waiting for Handoyo to catch up with them.

“That is one beautiful structure,” admired Albert as he gazed at the pyramid from afar, “I wonder how anyone from 30 million years ago had the resource and the manpower to build such a thing?”

“But the question is,” added Nurul, “Is this Giant of Light called Tiga inside that thing?”

“Guys!” yelled Handoyo as he ran towards them, “You guys found it, right?”

“Deputy Captain!” the three GUTS members greeted.

“We did, Deputy Captain,” added Nurul, pointing towards the pyramid.

“Oh, good,” said Handoyo, catching his breath, “Let’s go there!”


After avoiding another archeologist, Krishna and Ratih slowly made themselves towards the pyramid’s wall, when Krishna’s right hand accidentally touched it. A bright light immediately shined in front of them.

“My when through it?” gasped Krishna, but he could felt that his body is being sucked inside the structure.

“Krishna?” called Ratih, but the young man was suddenly being sucked by the pyramid’s wall, “Krishna!”

The young woman immediately touched the wall where Krishna was sucked into and she was sucked into the pyramid as well. Ratih stumbled into the ground as she was “forcefully” entered into the pyramid.

“Krishna?” called Ratih as she dusts herself off and stood up, only to find something amazing, “Oh my God...”

In front of both Ratih and Krishna stood three gigantic statues of stone, all of them humanoid, but with unusual heads. All of their eyes are egg-shaped. A team of archeologists are seen moving in and out from behind the statues, while a scaffolding was erected near one of the statues. The two statues on the left and on the right are posed in fighting stances, while the thrid one, located in the middle, was posed in a standing position.

“They’re beautiful...” admired Ratih, while Krishna gritted his jaw.

“Those are the statues....that are being destroyed in my nightmares,” muttered Krishna, “If my nightmares are premonition of events, these statues are going to be destroyed.”


Alarms began to ring throughout the TPC HQ as the screen on the GUTS Command Room displays a map view of West Java, with a red dot moving quickly towards it. The words “MELBA” is written above the dot. A yellow dot is also seen approaching West Java, the words “GOLZA” written above it. Both dots are moving towards the Gunung Puntang area, where they intersect with a maroon triangle, the words “TIGA” written over it.

Immediately Captain Tennissa jumped out of her seat, her face in horror at the current situation.

“Oh, no!” gasped the Captain, turning around towards Dr. Regina who is sitting next to her, “We have to restore the missing audio immediately!”

“On it!” responded Dr. Regina, “Nimas...”

“Working on it!” Nimas replied in her usual cheerful manner, as she typed insanely on her computer.


Just as Yuzare predicted it, the Super Ancient Monsters Golza and Melba are moving towards the Pyramid of Tiga as if following some predetermined course.

Melba is seen flying over the island of Java, giving away a loud screech, as Golza rampages through the industrial area of Bekasi.


“They’re WHAT?” growled Handoyo as he talked to Captain Tennissa via his GUTSCOM, “Understood. What shall we do next?”

A plane loaded with explosives is on it’s way,” responded Captain Tennissa.

“Roger. We’ll consider a siege position,” finished Handoyo, as Nurul rushes over towards him.

“Deputy Captian,” called Nurul, “I have some bad news.”

Handoyo and Nurul looked at Nurul’s GUTSCOM, which displays the area around the pyramid. Much to their horror, several dots are littering the structure.

“Shit,” cursed Handoyo, “There are civilians there!”

“They must be archeologists who discovered the structure before we do,” concluded Albert.

“Golza and Melba are rapidly approaching,” said Handoyo, “We need to evacuate the area before we can attack the monsters head on. Come on, we don’t have any time left!”


“What do you think they are?” asked Ratih as she and Krishna gazed at the huge statues.

“I don’t know,” replied Krishna, “They must be creatures who lived 30 million years ago...but why are they entombed here?”

Suddenly the ground around them began to shook, as the archeologists inside the pyramid started to flee outside the structure.

“What’s happening?” asked Krishna.


Outside the pyramid, the Archeology students are running away in terror along with the archeologists as Golza poked his massive head from the lush vegetation, roaring as it approaches the ancient structure.

“Everyone, this way!” yelled the professor as the Archeology students are running towards him. The group immediately went towards a forest clearing, well away from the pyramid. As Golza marched towards the pyramid, the professor took out his student lists and began to check every student who is in the area, but he couldn’t find two of them.

“Where’s Krishna and Ratih?”


“Come on, Krishna! Let’s get out of here!” yelled Ratih.

“What about the statues?” asked Krishna.

“Leave them! This place is going to be destroyed anyway!” Ratih yelled again, this time pulling Krishna’s right arm in force, “Let’s get out of here!”


Golza gave out a mighty roar as it finally arrived at the pyramid, much to the horror of the Archeology class.

“Krishna! Ratih!” yelled the professor, but there were no response. Some of the students are even praying for the safety of the two close friends, hoping that Golza wouldn’t kill them.

“Hey! Get out of here immediately!”

The Archeology class turned around and saw Albert running towards them, waving his arms back and forth frantically as Nurul tried to catch up with him from behind.

“Get out of here! It’s too dangerous!” yelled Albert as he and Nurul arrived at the forest clearing.

“GUTS!” the students said in unison as they saw the two GUTS member approaching them.

“But my other students are still there!” said the professor, frantically pointing to the pyramid, “I need you to rescue both Krishna and Ratih!”

“Don’t worry, I got it,” said Nurul, “Albert, you get this group to a safe place. I’ll find your two students, professor.”

The professor nodded as Albert led the Archeology class to safety.


GUTS Wing 2 soared through the air, heading towards the pyramid. Handoyo is piloting the jet alone, since Albert, Nurul, and Nunu are still busy evacuating everyone at the pyramid. The Deputy Captain of GUTS flew his jet calmfully, until he saw Golza at the pyramid.

“Holy shit, that thing’s huge!” gasped Handoyo as he flew around Golza, the dinosaur roaring as it didn’t notice the large jet.

Deputy Captain, I’ve evacuated the archeologists to safety!” reported Nunu.

“Good job!” said Handoyo.

Deputy Captain, a group of Archeology students has been evacuated...but there are two missing students!” reported Albert, “And Nurul is looking for them!

“What!” gasped Handoyo again, “Please tell Nurul to do quickly, we don’t want any casualties when we’re taking care of these monsters!”

Okay, Deputy Captain!” finished Albert as he exited the intercom.

Golza roared, purple energy surging through it’s neck.

“This is bad, this is bad...” muttered Handoyo as he saw Golza charging purple energy into it’s neck.

As the purple energy in Golza’s neck has reached it’s maximum, the Super Ancient Monster roared, firing the purple energy through the ridge on its forehead. The beam of purple energy raced through the air and blasted through the pyramid wall, causing the walls to slowly dissolve.

“What is happening here?” gasped Krishna as the pyramid walls around him and Ratih started to dissolve.

“I don’t know...” replied Ratih, “The pyramid walls...they’re disintegrating!”

Golza continues to fire its forehead beam, disolving the pyramid walls even faster. Then it began to charge more and more purple energy through it’s chest, which surges towards it’s neck, before firing the mother of all energy beams, completely disintegrating the pyramid, leaving the three giant statues for everyone to see. This also allow both Krishna and Ratih to notice Golza in it’s full glory.

“What the Hell is that?!” cursed Ratih.

“It’s one of the shadowy beings from my nightmare!” exclaimed Krishna, “Only this time, it’s real!!!”

Golza roared in victory as it gazed upon the exposed giant statues. At the same time, Melba arrived at the scene, landing behind the statues as it gave out a mighty screech. GUTS Wing 2 flew around the two beasts, ready to attack at any moment.

“Come on Nurul...evacuate quickly...” muttered Handoyo.

Nurul raced through the jungle, getting closer and closer to the three statues, but also closer to the Super Ancient Monsters. She stopped for a while and notices both Golza and Melba near the statues.

“So those are the giants that Yuzare was talking about,” muttered Nurul, biting her lower lip, “And those things are going to attack those giants!”

Suddenly Nurul notices two human beings at the base of the statues.

“Hey!” yelled Nurul, waving her arms frantically, “It’s dangerous there! Get out of there immediately!”

Both Krishna and Ratih heard the yelling and saw Nurul frantically waving at them.

“A GUTS member!” exclaimed Ratih, “We’re saved!”

“Yeah, we’re save alright,” said Krishna, glancing at the three statues as Ratih dragged him towards the awaiting Nurul.

Golza roared, swinging it’s right claw towards the statue on the right, slamming through the immobile structure. Golza then lashed it’s tail on the statue’s knees, destroying them, causing the giant statue to collapse down, shattering it’s right shoulder in the process.

At the same time, Melba pecked it’s beak through the left statue’s chest, shattering it as the fiend gave out a loud screech. Krishna watched in horror as Melba jumped and knocked down the left statue, while Golza stomped it’s massive foot on the right statue’s back, causing the rock structure to crumble.

“God, my nightmares are getting true...” muttered Krishna as he and Ratih managed to catch up with Nurul.

“You guys! It’s dangerous here. You’ve gotta save yourselves,” said Nurul.

“Good idea. Let’s go, Krishna!” said Ratih, but much to her shock Krishna pulled his right arm from her grip.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll distract these guys,” Krishna said in a slow but commanding tone. He knows that he must save the final statue no matter what.

“But Krishna...” Ratih tried to talk back.

“GO!” snapped Krishna as he slowly went towards the third and final statue, which is being grabbed by Golza.

Nurul gave a sigh, knowing that the young man could die if he sticks to his plan. But she knows that she and Ratih must flee from the area immediately, so she looked at Ratih and gave her a meaningful look.

“Let’s go,” said Nurul, “If he dies, he’s sacrificing his life for both of us.”

“Krishna...” muttered Ratih, tears welling up in her eyes as Nurul took her away from the scene.


Krishna didn’t look back as he went forward, Golza dropping the final statue down as Krishna approaches it. The young man knows that the statue must be save, he don’t know why, but something in his heart told him that he must save the statue even though it will cost his life.

“Stop it...” growled Krishna, clenching his fists as he ran towards the final statue, ready to die protecting it.

As Krishna charged towards the final statue, he grabbed a V-shaped twig, a vine, and several stones, before quickly making a makeshift slingshot out of it. Krishna gave out a war cry, running towards the Super Ancient Monsters who are ready to destroy the final statue...


The missing student have been found. I’m sorry I can’t save the other one,” Nurul gave the report in a solemn tone.

“What happened?” asked Handoyo.

He....he sacrificed his life to save both of us,” said Nurul, “He died as a hero.”

Handoyo clenched his left fist, while his right hand gripped the GUTS Wing 2’s throttle tightly.

“Whoever you are, we at GUTS will honor you,” muttered Handoyo in a solemn tone as he looked down, before placing his sights on the Super Ancient Monsters, “DIE BASTARDS, DIE!!!”

GUTS Wing 2 fired a series of green flares from it’s hull, trying to distract Golza away from the final statue. Golza roared in annoyance, trying to swipe away GUTS Wing 2 but with no avail.

Melba tried to swing it’s sickle-like claws around in order to aid it’s breathren, only for Krishna to fire some rocks into it’s eyes.

“TAKE THIS!!!” exclaimed the young man, firing more rocks into Melba’s face.

An annoyed Melba screeched, before firing two bolts of yellow energy from it’s yellow eyes. The ground around Krishna exploded as the young man was thrown into the air, yelling in intense pain from the burning sensation that the bolts gave.

Is it over? Am I going to die?” Krishna’s thoughts began to go wild as the young man slowly went unconscious due to the explosion, his clothes torn from the same explosion.

Nurul and Ratih also notices the explosion and saw Krishna’s body flying through the air.

“KRISHNAAAAA!!!!” Ratih gave out a hysteric yell, while Nurul looked down, closed her eyes, and began to pray.

Suddenly, Krishna’s body began to glow as he was literally being transformed into light. No one notices this because Handoyo is still dealing with Golza, Ratih is crying hysterically on the ground, while Nurul is still praying. The glowing body of Krishna slowly drifts in the air, heading towards the lying final statue. Slowly but surely Krishna became a ball of light, which enters the statue through the dome-shaped structure on the statue’s chest. The statue glowed for a moment, before the light converged into the statue’s forehead.

Golza notices this, giving out a roar of anger as it approaches the statue. The beast lifted up it’s right leg, ready to crush the statue’s chest, but suddenly the statue’s arms began to move in defiance. The arms blocked Golza’s right foot, causing the beast to gave out a confused growl. The dome-shaped structure on the statue’s chest slowly glowed blue, the rock coating underneath the dome cracked away, revealing some silver armor. The statue tried to push Golza away, but the Super Ancient Monster added more pressure to it’s right foot, trying to crush the statue yet again. But suddenly the rock coating around the statue disintegrated, revealing the statue’s true form – a giant humanoid being! The humanoid being quickly pushes away Golza’s foot from him, knocking the beast down into the ground.

The humanoid being stood up, his left arm straight up in the air, while his right arm flexed upwards on his side. He then assumes a fighting pose, extending his right arm forwards while clenching his left fist as his left arm is folded in front of his chest.

“The Giant of Light! It’s revived!” yelled Handoyo.

Albert and Nunu, along with the evacuated Archeology class and archeologists, saw the giant humanoid being in awe, while Nurul opened her eyes, smiling that her prayers has been answered. Ratih in the other hand, wiped away the tears from her eyes as she gave out a smile.

“How?” gasped Nurul, her eyes leaking with tears of joy, “How does it came back to life?”

The giant was mostly silver on his head body, with red and purple colorings being added to it. The red and purple alternates themselves on the giant’s silver arms and legs, while the sides of the giant’s torso was purple. The giant’s crotch, reaching up to his neck, was red in color, while his pectorals are purple in color, with a golden U-shaped tecter lined with silver adorning the pectorals. A silver “V” shape is seen underneath the pectorals. The dome-like structure on the giant’s chest glowed a shining light blue, surrounded by a silver “vase” which glistened underneath the sunlight. The giant’s head also glistened, colored silver with two “grooves” on the sides of the giant’s upward-pointing crest. A transparent jewel is seen on the middle of the giant’s forehead, while the giant’s egg-shaped eyes glowed white.


After being blasted into the air by Melba, Krishna Sadhana’s body was transformed into light and was absorbed into the body of the fallen giant. Filled with Krishna’s light, the legendary Giant of Light, Tiga, was awakened from his long slumber!

The Giant of Light, Tiga, retained his fighting stance in front of the shocked Golza and Melba, both of them angered by the giant’s revival. Golza roared as it charged first, only for Tiga to nod and jump into the air, giving the monster a solid chop to it’s hood with his right hand. Golza stumbled back, it never felt a physical blow as strong as that in it’s life. The dinosaur got back up, only for Tiga to deliver a chop to it’s chest. As Golza recovered itself Tiga held the beast’s head tightly, giving several powerful knee jerks into Golza’s ribs. The ancient monster gave out a growl of pain as Melba landed behind Tiga, screeching in anger.

Melba went forward, only for Tiga, still having Golza in his grips, to deliver a side kick with his right leg to Melba’s stomach, sending the bird reeling in pain. Melba collapsed to the ground as Golza releases itself from Tiga’s grip, waking backwards as it gathered purple energy into it’s neck. Seeing that Golza is about to fire his forehead beam, Tiga lunged forward, grabbing the beast’s head with both hands, cancelling the charge. Golza immediately grabbed Tiga’s hands and the two soon wrestled around. This leaves Tiga open for attack, however, as Melba stood up, taking off to the sky as it knocks Tiga away from Golza with it’s club-shaped feet.

Tiga rolled away, giving some space between him and the Super Ancient Monsters. Golza roared, firing it’s previously cancelled forehead beam. Tiga cartwheeled himself away from the incoming beam, before dodging more of the purple energy beams. Melba went in for the offensive, grabbing Tiga’s wrists with it’s claws. The flying terror held Tiga in place, allowing Golza to have another go with it’s forehead beam, striking Tiga on the back. The warrior of light knelt down, pain surging through his body, only for Melba to grab his neck, forcing him to stood up, and knock him away with a swift hook from Melba’s left claw.

Tiga collapsed to the ground, apparently the two-against-one thing isn’t doing very good to him. The Giant of Light stood on his knees, his forehead jewel glowing red as he crosses his arms over it. He then thrusts his arms apart as he stood up, the purple coloration on his body turning into red as his muscle mass increases significantly. Tiga then prepared his fighting stance once again, this time with both fists clenched.

Golza roared, unleashing another one of his forehead beams, but Tiga saw this coming. He crosses his arms above his chests and throws them apart, creating a circular yet transparent barrier of energy in front of him. The beam crashes into the barrier harmlessly, prompting Melba to fire it’s own eye bolts at the giant. The bolts, like the beam before, failed miserably as it was harmlessly dispersed by the barrier.

Golza roared in anger, charging forward towards Tiga, only for the warrior of light to ram himself into the incoming Golza, knocking the beast off his feet. As Golza recovered himself, Tiga wrapped his arms around the ancient monster, squeezing it tightly. Sounds of bones being cracked and snapped could be heard clearly as Golza lets out a groan of pain. Tiga released his grip, allowing Golza to limp away in pain, before proceeding to grab the beast on the head and performs a shoulder throw on the ancient dinosaur. Melba lets out a worried screech as Golza landed on it’s ankles, the bones on them shattering due to the sheer impact.

Seeing that it’s breathren has been hurt, Melba charged forward. Tiga tried to land a roundhouse kick on the fiend but it took off to the skies. The Giant of Light then turned his attention towards Golza, only for the dinosaur to make a hasty escape by burrowing underground. Before Tiga could stop Golza, however, Melba turned around, firing it’s eye bolts on the advancing Tiga, forcing the hero to fall down to his knees, reeling from the pain that the bolts gave. As Golza escaped the battleground, the dome-like structure on Tiga’s chest began to flash red and gave out a blinking noise. Tiga could easily feel that some of his energy are escaping his body, he knows that he needs to wrap up this fight or else.

Tiga stood up, looking above as Melba flew towards him again. The jewel on Tiga’s forehead flashed blue, prompting Tiga to cross his arms above his forehead jewel and thrusts them apart, the red coloration on his body turning purple as his body became slim, even slimmer than his previous red and purple form. Tiga took his fighting stance again, this time with both fists opened up, before jumping into the air. Tiga performed a somersault in mid-air and assummmed a flying side kick position, kicking Melba right on the neck as the two collided!

Tiga performed another somersault and landed on the ground gracefully, as Melba crashes down into the ground behind him. The Giant of Light turned around, assuming his fighting pose once more, allowing Melba to stood up. With lightning fast agility, Tiga spreads his arms upward, blue lightning energy cackling between his arms. He then places his arms together on his left side, his left hand cupped, and his right hand open over it. Tiga then releases a blue energy arrow from his right hand. The energy arrow, dubbed the Ranbalt Light Bomb, went straight towards the chest of the recovering Melba. The ancient terror screeched in pain as energy surged through it’s body, before it exploded into a million tiny pieces which scattered across the forest.

Satisfied that his job is finished, Tiga gave a brief nod, before taking off towards the skies. The humans watching the battle could only watch in awe as their new savior disappears behind the clouds.

“Incredible...” muttered Albert.

“Out of this world...” Nunu muttered as well.

“Awesome....” gasped Handoyo.

Nurul, in the other hand, gave out a brief smile, pleased that the new savior of the world has born. However Nurul knew that her team has a mountain to climb as they must assist Tiga in future battles and so far their planes are only equipped with flares. They couldn’t depend on Tiga all the time.

But one question still looms...

“Krishna...” whispered Ratih, her eyes welling up with tears again, “I’m sorry I can’t save you...I’m a terrible friend....Sorry....”

“Don’t blame yourself,” said Nurul, going towards Ratih and placing her right arm on the young woman’s shoulder, “That man has sacrificed himself for the good of humanity....and to ensure that we’re safe.”

“Hey guys!”

Ratih wiped away her tears and Nurul gasped in shock as they saw the person running towards them. It’s Krishna and he’s still in one piece! Even though his clothes were torn apart and burnt, the young man was smiling happily as he was reunited with his best friend.

“Krishna!” exclaimed Ratih as she rushed towards the young man and the two hugged each other, “I thought something wrong happened to you...”

“That giant humanoid saved me,” said Krishna, looking above towards the skies, “He saved me...”

“I see that you guys are alright.”

Nurul, Ratih, and Krishna turned and saw Albert and Nunu coming towards them, while behind them GUTS Wing 2 landed.

“You guys!” exclaimed Nurul, welcoming her team-mates, “Tiga saved the young man!”

“I can see that,” said Handoyo, his eyes examining Krishna from head to toe, “That was a brave yet foolish deed to do....”

“Yeah, I know...” replied Krishna, grinning rather uneasily.

“The name’s Deputy Captain Handoyo Hendrawidjaja of GUTS, this is Tech Officer Albert Gregorius and Combat Officers Nunu Adiwinata and Nurul Aulia Hafidza Qolbi,” Handoyo introduced the team, “By the name of the Terrestrial Peacable Consortium, we thank you for putting your life in the line for the sake of others. May I know your names?”

“Cokorda Krishna Sadhana,” Krishna introduced himself.

“Ratih Adelia,” Ratih introduced herself as well.

“Well, young man, I see that you have a potential to be a GUTS member....will you consider an offer to join the Global Unlimited Task Squad?” asked Handoyo.

“Well, I’ll consider that...” said Krishna, smiling. He know that not anyone could get into GUTS that easily.

“Here’s my card,” Handoyo took out a card from his pocket, “Call me if you feel that you’re ready to join GUTS.”

“I will, Sir, I will,” Krishna smiled as he accepted the card.

“Come, we must take you to your friends,” said Handoyo, leading the way as he, Albert, Nunu, and Nurul escorted Krishna and Ratih back to their group.


That night, inside the GUTS command room, while everyone else was sleeping, the triangular device, still placed on the command table, started to glow. The hologram of Yuzare appeared yet again.

There is only one way to resurrect the giant,” said Yuzare, “A young man...named Cokorda Krishna Sadhana...must become light. The name of the Giant....Ultraman Tiga!

“Ultraman Tiga?” asked Nimas as she woke up from behind the computer, while at the same time Yuzare vanished, “That’s an interesting name....but who is this Cokorda Krishna Sadhana anyway? Never heard of the way...why am I sleeping in front of the computer? Never mind...”

Nimas lied down in front of her computer, continuing her sleep.


Meanwhile, at the same time, Krishna is sitting in front of his bedroom window, apparently aware that Yuzare had just communicated with him.

“Ultraman Tiga...” said Krishna as he took out a white and gold wand-like device from his table drawer, the edge of the wand resembling Tiga’s chestplate while a small button could be seen near the edge, “A nice name indeed...if it’s the name of that giant, I’ll take it.”

“Krishna, you’re not asleep yet?” asked Ratih as she came into Krishna’s room, prompting Krishna to hide his wand-like device underneath the drawer.

“Yeah, in a few minutes,” replied Krishna, giving out a smile, “Thanks for staying over...again.”

“You’re welcome,” smiled Ratih, “You know...I almost lose you back there...”

“I know,” said Krishna, “I’ll try not to kill myself again.”

“Okay. Good night,” Ratih closed the room’s door as she went to sleep.

Krishna smiled to himself, looking at the night sky, which is lined with stars....


Next Episode and ClosingEdit

Next Episode

Episode 2: Jakarta Blackout Strategy

The age of great catastrophes predicted by Yuzare has started! After Golza and Melba, an alien terrorist called Pitt Seijin has taken shelter at Krishna and Ratih’s campus, disguisng herself as a student there! Using two bioweapons called Eleking, Pitt Seijin held Jakarta to a blackout hostage. Will Ultraman Tiga and GUTS able to stop Pitt from permanently plunging Indonesia in darkness? Or will Pitt Seijin succeed with her diabolical plan?


ED: Chikyuu Bouei Dan – Brave Love, Tiga

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