One day at Dragon HQ

Bob: sir a monster has been spotted north of the base!

Ian: identifi it

Bob: Nathan, stat report

Nathan: an alien called 'alien suboro'

Bob: is it Mexican?

Jack: I hear crickets

Ian: anyway, we got to destroy this alien!

The big screen turns on and and alien suboro appears

Suboro: you may think I'm an ordinary alien right? Wrong! I create illusions and I take over minds!. He he ha ha HA HA HA HA uh um yeah... so LOOK OUT!

Jack: weirdo.

Jennifer: no duh

Bob: guys I didn't know we had a photon bomb

Ian: we don't

Bob: but it's right there! Lemme see!


Bob: ow

Nathan: looks like sonboro is gonna hit two birds with one stone, he already got half the city!

Jennifer: well we have do do something! Some kid is beliving he can fly but he's just planking on taxis!

Jack: looks like poor bob has to go to the hospital. Looks like his brains are gonna fall out!

A few hours after the hospital 

Jack: alright, let's get everyone unhypnotized before sonboro gets everyone and everything.

Jennifer: right! But we need to figure out a way.

Ian: I heard a dramatic trance can shock people out of hypnosis

Jack: well let's do that!


Sonboro: Are they this dumb? I'm an alien, no a hypnotist! I just take over there MINDS! It'll take more than a trace. 

  • snap*

Santoro: humans, ATTACK!

Jack: huh? There turning on us!

Ian: lazers,now!

Jennifer: wait there still humans! Don't fire!

Jack: ok

Sonboro: I'm sick of no action! I'm going myself!


Santoro: alright, bring it on Ultraman!

Jack: ill be right back, ill shoot from the right

Ian: good idea.

Ultraman Kain appeared a few seconds later

Kain: let's battle!

Kain used a tornado kick against Sonboro

Sonboro got his jaw in the right place and shot a meriam beam at Kain and took him down

Kain got back up and boxed with sonboro and used an uppercut,7 punches and a karate kick

Sonboro picked up Kain and slammed him down like nothing

Kain tripped sombrero got up and body slammed sonboro

Sonboro kicked him off and shot his beam

So did Kain and they got into a beam battle and knocked each other out

Kain woke up and used his Kellium Shot and killed sonboro

Kain: finally!

Kain flew off

Jack came running back to the team

Bob: did you see that fight! That was awesome! 

Nathan: your back huh.

Bob: yep

Nathan: must be a fast healer

Bob: yep


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