The Iceship is the massive spaceship of the Ice Alliance. It holds 20 Ice Soldiers in ice partical capsules, FreezeKiller and the three aliens.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ice Beam: The Iceship can fire a thin beam of ice energy. This is effective on Ultras, because they are weak to cold.
  • Freeze Mist: The Iceship can freeze a country in an hour by flying over and spraying it with freeze mist.
  • Dimensional Warping: The Iceship can warp itself and other objects to and from the Frozen Dimension.
  • Ice Soldiers: The Iceship can launch explosion-shaped balls of ice that contain an Ice Soldier in a particle state that will reform upon release.
    • Ice Soldier Generation: The Iceship can create more Ice Soldiers when it uses up all 20.

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