Ice Lords|Aisurōzu|アイスローズ

Title: Space Ice Hominids


The Ice Lords appear as humanoids with pale milky white and thick skin, white mane like hair and eyes that are wider apart than humans. They can still past for human if given makeup, but will always look strange. They generally wear white/silver robes that glow bright and have black nails.


  • Height: Human Like
  • Weight: Human Like
  • Origin: Shaka 5

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ice adaption: The Ice Lords, true to their name, are most at home in freezing temperatures, what humans consider room temperature is warm for them. This also makes them highly resistant to any ice/cold based attack.
    • Ice Touch: The Ice Lords generate an aura of intense cold.
      • Ice Beam: A concentrated form of Ice Touch. Only the strongest members of their race can use this ability. They fire a high pressure stream of chemical which are at freezing temperature. This is a weapon of last resort as they may overheat immediately after if they not in suitable temperatures and temporarily loose their Ice Touch power.


  • The Ice Lords did not develop the ability to hold their breaths.
  • They are also not fond of warm temperatures.


Originating from the planet Shaka 5 the fifth moon of a gas giant in a binary star system, the Ice Lords developed on an ice world and grew their technology around crystals and ice. They profess to have a Utopian civilization but their resources are scarce and the society is segmented into rigid castes, the poor lower class, the prissy nobles and the self-entitled royals. Seeking resources and too proud to ask for assistance the Ice Lords of Shaka 5 have turned to invasion to get what they want.

A member of the species traveled to the Frozen Dimension, a frozen world that several other aliens also inhabited. He recruited them, along with their pet, to attack Earth. This formed the Ice Alliance.

Members of the SpeciesEdit

Title: Ice Assassin


Remus, is covered from head to toe in ice armor technology giving him an appearance similar to Glozam. He mainly resembles a robot like Jean-Bot made of crystal but with a face like Be Mular from ULTRAMAN 2011 and Glozam's spikes and arm shields.


  • Height: Human like~Ultra Like
  • Weight: Human like~Ultra Like

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Ice Lord Physiology: As an Ice Lord, he has all the abilities native to his people
  • Armor: His armor is tied to his body. He is effectively a cyborg, in that he will die without his suit
    • Protection: It can withstand intense heat and shrug of conventional weaponry. It also repairs itself and acts as a space suit.
    • Ice Beam: Remus can fire a powerful Freeze ray from his mouth. Unlike the rest of his race, he can use it as often as he likes.
    • Ice Missiles: The spikes on his body can be shot of as freezing missiles.
    • Ice Weapons: He can grow weapons from his body, each freezes what it touches.
      • Axe/Shield: He can grow a shield and turn it into a battle axe.
      • Sword: He can grow an Ice sword
    • Size Change: Remus can size change.
    • Holographic Disguise: Remus' armor can disguise him as any other humanoid being.


A warrior of the Ice Lords, Remus was one of the lower caste until he was chosen for an experimental proceedure to create the perfect warrior. Remus was the only one to survive the merger between flesh and crystal and is conditioned to obey his master's will without hesitation.


  • Remus is based partially on Jean-Bot's concept art and Be Mular from the 2011 Manga.
  • Remus is Free-To-Use

Title: Ice Warrior



  • Height: Human like~Ultra-like
  • Weight: Human like~Ultra like

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ice Lord Physiology: As an Ice Lord, Glacialis has all of the abilities native to his people.
  • Sword: Glacialis has a very large ice broadsword/claymore. It can fire energy bullets from the blade.
  • Freezing Shot: Glacialis can fire a freezing beam from his hands.


Glacialis was a warrior similar to Remus but of a higher caste. He discovered the frozen dimension, had plans to terraform earth with his ship. He recruited the Ice Alliance to help him.


  • Glacialis' name is Latin for ice.
  • While the Ice Lords were created by SolZen321, Glacialis was created by Zombiejiger.


  • The Ice Lords evolved from creatures similar to Yetis. They are for some reason, not proud of this.
  • They take issue being called Abominable Snowmen.
  • They cannot hold their breath/swim because there is only ice on their world, no water.