Hyper Kyrieloid is (ハイパーKirieroido) is an Alien from the Planet Kille. He part of an Alien who come to avenge Ultraman Reuz who created a stable wormhole so that he would survive to this day except King Kyrieloid and Dark Gin disappeare. 

Hyper Kyrieloid
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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 53,000 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons
Home world: Planet Killie
Series: Ultraman Reuz

Episode 3: "The Gate Of Hell Opened"

Type: Alien
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Family Kyrieloid Race
Affiliation Darker Being
Created by Apexz

Subtitle: Akuma no senshi (悪魔の戦士)


Ultraman ReuzEdit


Profile and TechniquesEdit


  • Height: 53 meters
  • Weight: 45,000 tons


  • Fire Ball: Hyper kyrieloid can launch a masive fire ball from his hand.
  • Hell Flame: His ultimate attack. He call the Devil on his species to emit a Red flame from the underground, it can burn the oppenent easily.
  • Communicated: Hyper Kyrieloid can communicated with Death Monster or Alien's from Hell.
  • Devil Ray: He can fire a Ray from both of his hand. A blue ray. It's a very powerful ray.
  • Human Disguise: He can disguise him self as a Human. It is shown when he having a convesation with Captain Reina on a Appartment.


  • Hyper Kyrieloid is considered to be Strong with the name 'Hyper' but it's not. He adventually got killed by Ultraman Reuz Saber.
  • His human disguise is Tatsumi Kidou. A drunk man from a bar.
  • After a tough match with Ultraman Reuz, Hyper Kyrieloid revert back to a Keychain Doll and will use by Haruto to fight Nosferu.