Hyper Golza
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Gender: Male
Height: 65 Meters
Weight: 75,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Monster Graveyard, Earth
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Ancient Kaiju
Affiliation Gurnate (Master)
Created by DucantheChoju
Hyper Golza (ハイパーゴルザ,Haipā goruza) is a powerful kaiju from Ultraman Giz.  Originally known as Fire Golza, he was revived and evolved by Gurnate into this new form.


A powerful ancient kaiju from the Ultraman Tiga Universe, originally known as Fire Golza, this beast was reawakened by Gurnate from the Kaiju Graveyard to attack Earth; he gained his Hyper form from Gurnate before his release, evolving from Fire Golza to Hyper Golza inside the Dark Area.  Soon, Hyper Golza was released in the mountains of Malaysia to create chaos.  Soon, W.H.A.M arrived to fight it, and Ultraman Giz arrived to fight soon after.  However, Hyper Golza soon used his telekinetisis to throw, taunt and batter Giz.  He soon forced Giz and W.H.A.M to retreat, before teleporting to an unknown point. 

Hyper Golza later returned, this time in downtown Kuala Lumpur, and began a reign of complete destruction, until Giz and W.H.A.M appered again.  This time, Giz used the Giz Lightning to stun the kaiju.  He then changed into Lava Mode and used the Giz Head Crusher to trap Hyper Golza's head underground.  However, Hyper Golza used his telekinetisis again, this time to fire the weapons on W.H.A.M's fighters, but Giz shrugged it off and changed into Knight Mode, killing Hyper Golza with the Crystal Blade.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Hyper Ultrasonic Energy Blast: Hyper Golza can shoot a powerful green beam from his forehead gem.  This can hurt ultras, and break Giz Knight Mode's Crystal Barrier.
  • Mind Powers: Hyper Golza has powerful telekinetisis that allows him these abilities:
    • Hyper Field: Hyper Golza can generate a pocket dimension that gives him an edge in combat.  This space also boosts the power of his other attacks.
    • Power Throw: Hyper Golza can throw his opponents long distances with his mind powers.
    • Communicate: Using his mind powers, Hyper Golza can communicate with other beings.
    • Posess: Hyper Golza can posess machines and other living beings.  He can also posess certain parts of other beings' bodies.
  • Armor: Hyper Golza can absorb other forms of energy through his armor and power himself with it.
  • Burrowing: Hyper Golza can burrow through the Earth at high speeds.
  • Thick Tail: Hyper Golza can use his thick tail to whip and bash foes effectively.

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