Hikari Yamato is the human form of Ultraman Gamma. He is a member of SMART.

Transformation ItemEdit

  • Gamma Light: Hikari's transformation item, looks like a silver and blue Beta Capsule. Hikari keeps it on his belt with an energy pistol and two grenades.



Powers, Abilities and WeaponsEdit

  • Energy Pistol: Energy Pistols are part of the basic SMART armament.
  • Grenades: Grenades are part of the basic SMART armament.
  • Willpower: As part of his merging with Gamma, Hikari can make opponents loosen their grip or trick them.


  • Hikari means light in Japanese, and Yamato is an old word used for Japan, so Hikari's name means Light of Japan.
  • Hikari owns a small tin wind-up robot that looks like Baranda V. It emits sparks from its guns, and he keeps it on a shelf next to the Gamma Light in his room.

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