The Headpeice of Starlight is the second pillar of the Ultimate Power, proceeding from the Keystone of Utem. It does not grant any physical attacks, but makes up for it with other abilities.

Appearance Edit

The headpeice does not modify or add to a Satunimist as much as the other pillars of the Ultimate Power, merely adding tall, crown-like spikes to the top of the head, and guards down the sides. It is coloured a darker silver than the Wings of the Moon, but is detailed just as richly. 


  • Eyes of Heaven: The headpeice grants the Satunimist the ability to see and know all things in the omniverse simultaniously.
  • Sacred Command: The headpiece can call up fire, it can control the path and speed of stars and planets, control the locations of magniverses and universes, and in short, has utter control over space. 

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