A hate group formed by victims of monster and alien attacks. They proclaimed that STAR in ineffective due to insistence in dealing with aliens as a delicate matter and that Orion should be declared an enemy of mankind due to his alien status. Their goal is to eradicate all Monsters and any alien presence on Earth.


Most memebers do not wear a uniform but sometimes wear a pin on their clothes, the symbol being the Earth with a red ring around it. Full member atire is comprised of a silver suit both for men and women.


  • Jeffrey Holmes: The found of HATE, he is an enigmatic man of dubious origins.
  • David Daniels: The father of one of the teenage victims of Alien Hush, he blames STAR and Orion for the death of his son. He later on pilots Robo-Orion.
  • STAR traitor: A traitor in STAR who has been feeding information and technolgy to HATE.


HATE's technology comes from donors.

  • Ray-Yu: A weapon found in an archeological dig, it was hidden by the head scientist who was a HATE supporter. It is believed to be a weapon from a super ancient civilization.
  • Robo-Orion: A giant robot built in the likeness of Orion, it was made to frame him as an invader so HATE could kill him and be seen as heroes.
  • Stolen Blasters: Weapons stolen from STAR.
  • Sparrows: Fighter Jet Drones using stolen STAR technology.


HATE is the brain-child of Jeffrey Holmes who was spurred on by Zoe to create an organization to 'defend the Earth'. While Holmes does believe this is the goal of his organization Zoe's intention was for the Earth to antagonize the Universe through HATE.

Since monsters first appeared it had been gaining supporters and when aliens started to attack Earth its support as steadily grown. Through stolen technology it plans to replace STAR as Earth's protectors.

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