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Gender: Male
Height: 50 Meters- 1,000 meters
Weight: 67,000 Tons-Unknown
Home world/Origin: Dark Nebula
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Villian
Affiliation Father of Darkness (?)
Created by DucantheChoju
Gurnate is the main villian of the series Ultraman Giz, and Giz's sworn enemy.

Subtitle: Ultimate Evil (究極の悪, Kyūkyoku no waru)



Gurnate is a being of unknown origins, who first appeared to attack the Giz Universe Land of Light.  Giz's parents, Giz Sr. and Alia, along with Gardon's older brother Magna, died sealing him in the Dark Nebula, where he remained until the events of the series.

Main SeriesEdit

Giz SagaEdit

Gurnate ultimately escaped from the bonds of sleep in the Dark Nebula (I made up the name before finding out about Fourze), and headed towards Earth.  On the way, he had his first run-in with a full grown Giz.  After Lizarias was defeated, he did other random dastardly deeds, including kidnapping a leopard gecko to become Leapermons, creating a powerful monster out of stone, Conglomeratum, and even a dark ultra, Dark Goethe.

W.H.A.M SagaEdit



Gurnate can take on many appearances, but his favorite is a Yapool-ish face, giant black claws, and a black Ultra-based body and legs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Darkness Powers: Gurnate is an immensely powerful darkness, rivaling or even surpassing Gatanozoa.
    • Kaiju Create: Gurnate can create kaiju inside his dark area from objects and animals with a mere thought.
    • Dark Area: Gurnate can create a zone of darkness that amplifies his Kaiju's power and can sap power from beings like Ultraman Giz.
      • Lightning: Gurnate can fire dark lightning bolts from his dark area.
      • Teleport: Gurnate can teleport anything he wishes to anywhere he wishes.
      • Giant Size: Gurnate can appear, Alien Reiblood-ish, from within his Dark Area.  He can give the illusion of great size, such as reaching one giant hand out from within the Dark Area and grabbing a monster.
    • Merge: Gurnate can merge with any of his kaiju.  This empowers them greatly.
    • Revive: Gurnate can revive kaiju at will.
  • Mind: Gurnate's mind is incredibly powerful, possably surpassing the legendary ultras.  This gives him several powers:
    • Barrier: Gurnate can create a massive, nearly unbreakable barrier with a single thought-command.
    • Sensory Powers: Gurnate can sense a threat from across any magniverse, so long as he is inside it.  This can be used, to a much lesser degree, across an omniverse.
  • Form: Gurnate has no defined form, so he can change size and shape at will.


  • Gurnate's appearance was created by combining features of Ultraman Belial, Dark Zagi and Yapool.

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