Great figures in the History of the Land of Giants.


The great Ultra heroes were Ultras from the dawn of the age of Ultras for the Land of Giants. The first members of the Space Patrol, they were heroes of the universe who stopped the Baltan menace and the Evil Galactic Alliance. However most of them died in an event that revolves around the 'red light'. Before their end, they helped bring about changes for the Land of Giants, the abolishment of the concept of the Monarchy, with King being a title passed to any Ultra, the removal of the caste system the nobles put in place, allowing nobles and Ultras of different colors to mingle with each other. It was the first of their number who first took of the name 'Ultraman' something all current Space Rangers follow.


  • The are the Orion Universe's version of the Ultra brothers, taking cues from the Story 0 Manga. They include from Ultraman, up to Taro and Leo.

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