Gender: Male
Height: 53 Meters
Weight: 43,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Monster Graveyard, Gurnate's Dark Area
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Space Beast
Affiliation Gurnate (Master)

Dark Goethe (Other Master)

Created by DucantheChoju
Grantella (グランテラ, Gurantera?is one of the space beasts revived by Gurnate to attack Earth. He appeared in Ultraman Giz episode 5.  He is Dark Goethe's pet.

Subtitle: Crustacean Type Beast (クラスティ-シアン-タイプ-ビースト, Kurasuti Shian Taipu Bīsuto?)


  • Height: 53 Meters
  • Weight: 43,000 Tons


A crustaceous space beast revived by Gurnate to attack Earth, Grantella began to attack the Australian Outback that Gurnate had brought it to with energy blasts. Just as soon as the fight got tough for W.H.A.M, Kyotaro became Ultraman Giz.  As W.H.A.M flew around, the fight between Grantella and Giz raged.  The crustacean went to attack W.H.A.M with its fireballs, but Giz leaped in front of the attack, taking the blow and saving the lives of the humans inside the fighters.  Before long, Giz changed into Lava Mode, breaking Grantella's shell, before using the Lava Bomb to kill it.  At the end, Giz's color timer was still blue, but then Goethe attacked...

P​owers and WeaponsEdit

  • Energy Blasts: Grantella can charge blue blasts of missile-strength energy between his claws.
  • Spiracles Cannons: Grantella has six cannons located in his chest. Each cannon, called Spiracle Cannons, can launch deadly blasts of energy that can create explosion just as large as he. If enhanced by the Dark Area, these blasts will become even stronger and also gain moderate homing abilities.
  • Tail Cannon: Grantella has another cannon on the tip of the tail that usually rests above his head. Unlike Spiracles Cannons, even though Tail Cannon just one, it can severe injure an Ultra. If enhanced by the Dark Area, these blast will become even stronger and also gain moderate homing abilities. Grantella also can use Tail Cannon as a whip.
  • Burrow: Grantella can burrow at moderate speeds.


  • Grantella is one of two Space Beasts revived by Gurnate; the other is Lizarias.

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