NEO Gamaro
Gender: Male
Height: 40 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Earth
Series: Ultraman Neos: The Series
Type: Kaiju

Alien Bat (Servant, formerly as Neos Gomora)
Ultraman Neos
Kyrieloid (Servant, as Gomora II)

Created by DeadMonkey8984

Gomora (ゴモラ Gomora?) is an ancient dinosaur-like kaiju from My Ultraman Movies.

Subtitle: Ancient Monster (古代怪獣 Kodai Kaijū?)


  • Height: 40 meters (Gomora), 44 meters (EX Gomora)
  • Weight: 20,000 tons (Gomora), 22,000 tons (EX Gomora)
  • Origin: TBA


Ultraman Neos: The SeriesEdit

Neos GomoraEdit




NEO Gamaro



  • Height: 40 meters
  • Weight: 20,000 tons
  • Origin: Johnson Island


  • Burrowing: Gomora can burrow at fast speeds.
  • Mega-Ton Tail: Gomora's tail is often used in combat, even when severed it can briefly live on and attack.
  • Oscillatory Wave: Gomora can fire a wave of energy from his nasal horn. Gomora can also impale his foe first, then fire an oscillatory wave that surges through his opponent's body. Can destroy a monster in one hit.
  • EX Transformation: With the powers of Ultraman Neos, Gomora can transform into his EX form.

EX Gomora
374px-Ultr Glxy EX Gmr

EX Gomora


  • Height: 44 meters
  • Weight: 22,000 tons
  • Origin: Unknown


  • Extending Tail: EX Gomora has extending tail with a sharp end that he uses to impale his enemies.
  • EX Hyper Oscillatory Wave: A more powerful version of the Super Oscillatory Wave. It is charged then fired from his chest.


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