Gender: Male
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Earth
Series: Godzilla and his Amazing Friends
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation Anguirus
Agira (Mother & Baby)
Created by Goji73

Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira?) is the King of the Monsters and the main kaiju protagonist that appeared in the entire episodes of Godzilla and his Amazing Friends.


  • Height: 50 meters
  • Weight: 20,000 tons
  • Origin: Monster Island


Little is known about Godzilla's life prior to the series. However, he has lived on Monster Island all his life. He also has a history with Mothra, the Guardian of the Earth, and Geronimon, the Chief of the Monsters.

Godzilla and his Amazing Friends Edit

Season One Edit

Struggle at the South Pole Edit

Godzilla is first seen sleeping in Antartica, only to be awoken by a wondering Red King stepping on his tail. After awakening, an angered Godzilla battles Red King and eventually wins, causing Red King to fall off a cliff. Having been victorious, Godzilla leaves the South Pole but is followed by Seagoras, who was sent to kill Godzilla by an unknown monster.

Battle on the High Seas Edit

Swimming back home to Monster Island, Godzilla is attacked by Seagoras and the two swimmers battle in the middle of the ocean, both above and below the surface. Godzilla manages to defeat the undisputed king of the seas and finally returns home

Unexpected Turn Edit

Friendly Reunion Edit

Swimming away after his battles with Red King and Seagoras, Godzilla arrived on his home land of Monster Island. Along the way, he is happily greeted by his two best friends, Anguirus and Rodan.

Gomora's Ambush Edit

After being greeted by Anguirus and Rodan, Godzilla is eventually ambushed by and battles another monster in the area: Gomora. With his friends coming to the rescue, Godzilla eventually defeats Gomora, but instead decides to spare his life out of respect, only to receive Gomora's as well the next day, thus Godzilla allowed Gomora to live on Monster Island as one of his friends.

The Thunder from Down Under Edit

After accidentally hurling a boulder in a different direction while playing catch with Anguirus and Rodan, Godzilla is forced to go retrieve it. Upon finding the boulder, he is ambushed by a stealthy electric-eel monster Eleking, who had also attacked a Gyaos recently. Battling above and below the surface of the lake where Eleking is hiding in, Godzilla manages to kill Eleking, but has lost interest in playing with Anguirus and Rodan from the hard work he wound up actually doing to retrieve the boulder.

A Shocking Comeback Edit

Godzilla stomps away after his battle with Eleking and decides to calm himself by eating a Gyaos tail. However, he is ambushed by a vengeful invisible monster Neronga, whom fed on Eleking's electricity in the past (the latter against its wishes though...). Already worn, Neronga puts Godzilla out on a limb with his Invisibility/Transparency and Electrical powers, but the King of the Monsters wins with the sudden arrival and assistance of Gomora.

The Magnetic Terror Edit

Hearing the anguishes of Anguirus and Rodan, Godzilla awakes from his nape to save them from the powerful beetle-like monster Antlar. Coming to battle him, the two monsters fight to a standstill until Antlar uses his Magnetic waves to his advantage. Luckily, Anguirus and Rodan return with Gomora to assist Godzilla and the four monsters work together to stop Antlar and eventually drive him away.

A Call for Help Edit

Godzilla's help is enlisted by a baby Agira, who comes to the Monster King with need. Following the little monster to his home, they both discover its mother having been attacked and its father murdered. The Killer shows itself to be the sadistic Golza, one of the most powerful, most destructive monsters on Monster Island whom is looking to finish the job. After some back-and-forth teamwork with Godzilla and the Mother Agira, Golza is killed and Godzilla makes a new ally: The Agira Family.

Double Trouble Edit

Just when Godzilla and his friends go to sleep, he is awoken by the ruckes of Gudon and Twin-Tail, two rival monster who are fighting each other. Godzilla tries to break up their tussling, only to be drawn into their battle as well. Anguirus and Rodan soon wake up from the commotion and come to Godzilla's aid in stopping the two monster's vicious battle.

Unwanted Guest Edit

When the alien reptile monster Bemular arrives on Earth, Godzilla is forced to work with his rival Mothra, the Guardian of the Earth, to stop him.

Snooping as Usual Edit

Though Godzilla appears to be in the mood for some sparring, Anguirus and Rodan however are not and are instead sleeping, which leaves Godzilla down on his luck. Fortunately, an old friend of Godzilla, Gorosaurus meets up with Godzilla and the two spare. Their ruckus however has awaken a very grumpy Mukadender, a predatory, centipede-like monster. After the duo, with small assistance from Gomora, stopped its rampage, Godzilla went to sleep.

The Bad Seed Edit

Godzilla is enjoying a visit to the lake with Mama Agira and Baby. Unfortunately, their visit is rudely interrupted by the evil alien monster Kelbeam, whose bent on carrying out what it's father couldn't. Godzilla, Mama and Baby Aguirus however stopped it before it could do anymore harm.

Geronimon Attacks Edit

Part One Edit

After Godzilla's offer to Gomora to have him join them by the lake is turned down, Godzilla and his friends leave to go play by the lake anway. When Gomora is by himself, he is attacked by the Chief of the Monsters Geronimon, the series villain appears and recognizes Gomora as one of Godzilla's friends. Gomora easily fends off Geronimon until the Monster Chief revives Eleking to brutalize Gomora. Godzilla and friends hear the commotion and Gomora's aganizing anquishes and come to Gomora's rescue. Sending his friends away so that he may settle buisness with Geronimon, Godzilla overpowers the Monster Chief with ease. Suddenly Geronimon revives Golza, Bemular, and Kelbeam, 3 of godzilla past enemies, who want revenge.

Part Two Edit

Outnumbered, Godzilla is forced to battle against Geronimon and his revived monsters Golza, Bemular, and Kelbeam. However, the numbers game is too much for Godzilla to handle is easily pummeled by their combined forces. Fortunately, Godzilla's two best friends Anguirus and Rodan return with recruited Monsters, Mama and Baby Agira, Gorosaurus, and Baragon. Together, they outnumber Geronimon's monsters and with the aid of his friends, Godzilla takes down all three monsters. Enraged, Geronimon creates a large amount of feather spears and aims them all at Godzilla, but Gomora, who has recovered from his injuries, pushes Godzilla out of the way and takes the attack, sacrificing himself to Geronimon's attack. To everyone's disfortune, Geronimon escapes shortly after and everyone morns the death of Gomora.

Season 2 Edit


Personality Edit

The leader of the group, Godzilla is usually seen napping around the island when he is not playing with any of his monster friends. He is usually carefree, preferring to either sleep or play with his friends when they are around, but unless threatened does he pose a more versatile combative side. He is very protective of his friends and will do anything to keep them from getting hurt too badly. He also shows a respectful side to a monster whom goes toe-to-toe with him and sparing them from the terrible fate of death.


  • Atomic Breath: Godzilla's signature weapon is his distinctive atomic breath. Godzilla's dorsal plates glow ominously, and then he lets loose with a concentrated, devastating blast of radiation from his mouth. This ray is exceptionally powerful, capable of creating massive explosions and setting fire to nearly anything it hits and can also kill some of the strongest monsters in a single shot. It also has a powerful concussion force, able to force back opponents effortlessly.
    • Atomic Fireballs: In addition to his Atomic Ray, Godzilla can launch missile-strength balls of atomic fire from his mouth.
  • Tail Whip: Godzilla's long tail is a formidable weapon. It has been shown to be very powerful, able to lash out quickly and topple over enemy monsters.
  • Regeneration: Godzilla possesses an extremely advanced and efficient regenerative abilities, allowing him to heal fatal and non-fatal wounds almost instantly.
  • Extraordinary Jumping: Godzilla can jump high and far through the air.

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