The Gizzonium Saber is Giz's personal weapon.  It has a mysterious past, and has many interesting abilities.


The Gizzonium Saber was crafted by the most experienced craftsmen of the planet Gryphon from the purest Baltanian Crystal.  It was gifted to his father, Giz Sr. by Father of Ultra, in appreciation of his valor in the Nova War.  However, before it was finished, his father died after sealing Gurnate.  Thus, it was passed on to Giz.


The Gizzonium Saber is a jagged crystal blade with a ornate handle.  The handle contains a touchscreen, with the stored monsters on it.  Its overall appearance is like that of the Momotarosword.


  • Sharpness: The Gizzonium Saber can cut almost anything with ease.  One of the few things it can't cut is Kraken's shell.
  • Monster Absorb: The Gizzonium Saber can absorb the spirits of defeated monsters.  This gives it several other powers.
    • Monster Summon: The saber can summon the dead monsters one at a time, like a battlenizer.
    • Monster Finish: Giz can attack with a powerful slash strike, alongside the summoned monster.
    • All Monster Charge: Giz utilizes all the monsters in spirit form and hits the enemy with a supercharged slash strike.
  • Bicker Evolve: When in Knight Mode, Giz can change the Saber into the Giz Bicker, a sword/shield combo.
    • Bicker Quad-Summon: The Giz Bicker can summon four monsters at once.
    • Bicker Quad Break: A four monster version of the Monster Finish.
    • Final Bicker Assult: The Bicker charges a crazy amount of light and cleaves through anything in its path.
  • Elemental Finish: Giz can perform a elemantal slash strike in any mode with the Saber or Bicker.

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