Giz Killer
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Gender: None
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 40,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Gurnate's Dark Area
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Robot
Affiliation Gurnate (Creator)
Created by DucantheChoju
Giz Killer (GIZキラー, GIZ kirā?) also known as Conglomeratum II, is a powerful doppelganger from the series, Ultraman Giz.

Subtitle: Super Weapon (スーパーウェポン, Sūpāu~epon?)


Gurnate's secret weapon after the defeat of Dark Goethe, Giz Killer was transformed into a ball of living energy, and sent to Earth.  Kyotaro was walking down a hallway in Vulcan Base, but he did not notice the energy enter the Beta Spark, then fly out, but this time a different color.  Soon, the energy landed in a field in the Japanese Countryside, becoming Conglomeratum II

Conglomeratum IIEdit

Giz Killer took this form to attract the attention of W.H.A.M, and hopefully Ultraman Giz.  This form appeared rampaging in a field, causing chaos and randomly firing a stream of purple fireballs.  W.H.A.M attacked, but the monster's rocky shell made it not feel a thing.  Soon, Ultraman Giz arrived, but Conglomeratum II took the form of Giz Killer.

Giz KillerEdit

Giz Killer streched its claws, before running at Giz.  Giz took a fighting stance, before sending out a kick.  However, Giz Killer caught the kick and flipped Giz, knocking him to the ground.  Soon, with a combination of Giz Killer's abilities and Gurnate's help, Giz was all but dead.  However, a ball of fire fell from the skies, knocking Giz Killer down.  The ball of light the revealed itself to be Ultraman Gardon!  However, not even Gardon's Magnum Ray phased the robot, and soon he too was on the ground.  Just then, Kyotaro was contacted by his friends' feelings.  Surging with power, Giz arose before changing into Knight Mode!  The robot was outclassed by far, and was soon destroyed by the Ultimate Lightning.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Energy Ball Form

Giz Killer's form for space travel.


  • Fly: Giz Killer can fly at near lightspeed for space travel.
  • Power Absorb: Giz Killer can absorb powers at will just by coming in contact with it.
  • Transform: Giz Killer can transform into Conglomeratum II.
  • Data Extrapolate: Giz Killer can absorb data from any device, including the Beta Spark.

Conglomeratum II

Giz Killer's disguise; created by extrapolating data from the Beta Spark.


  • Dark Fireballs: Conglomeratum II can fire a stream of dark fireballs from his mouth. These can cause explosions as big as himself.
  • Rocky Shell: Conglomeratum II's rocky shell is very hard, and can deflect even the Power Strike.
  • Transform: Conglomeratum II can envelop himself in a dark tornado. When the tornado clears, he has become Giz Killer.

Giz Killer

Giz Killer's true form.


  • Giz Lightning: G. Killer can perform the Giz Lightning by charging dark electricity, then placing his arms in a "L" position. Matches Ultraman Giz's in power.
  • Lava Bomb: G. Killer can also perform the Lava. He swings his hands around, creating a large ball of fire in his hands, before hurls the fireball at his foes. Matches Ultraman Giz's in power.
  • Large Claws: G. Killer's hands end with large, powerful, and sharp claws. Can be used to slash and batter foes with great effect. He can also use these like Gelworm's fangs, sapping his opponent's abilities, or to zap them with dark lightning.


  • Giz Killer is based on Mebius Killer and Imperalizer, both from Ultraman Mebius.