Ele gironman
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Gender: male
Height: 3-47m
Weight: 600kg-26,000t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Kaijin

Super Monster

Affiliation Yapool


Created by Ultramanminecraft
Gironmon is one of the servents of Yapool and was sent to earth with Aribunta in the series Ultraman Element. He appeared in episode 6.

Subtitle: Underground Agent


Height: 3-47m

Weight: 600kg-26,00t


Lazer Beams: He can fire lazer beams from his claws

Teleportation: He can teleport from place to place

Size Grow: He can change size at will


Knowing that he would need someone with inteligence of earth, he sends Gironman, one of his serveants and Aribunta to earth. Aribunta would be used to attack and burrow. When Ultraman Element fought Aribunta he soon ran to the saftey of its master and Gironman trapped him in a eletric crystal prison. The two soon came to the surface and destroyed everything in sight. Element soon was rescued by the Ultra Yoshito and the two came to the surface and worked togther to fight the monsters. After, the two shot two Element Rays and Mega M78 Rays at them and soon ramed them into each other and broke their necks. The two were then blasted and buired underground.


  • The diffrence with this gironman is the added parts to his body and his mouth now being in a oval shape.