GiriShock 2
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Gender: Male (Shock)

Female (Giri

Height: 48 meters
Weight: 56,000 tons (total)
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Villain
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Created by Zombiejiger
GiriShock (ギリショック, GiriShokku) is an alien from Ultraman Gamma. He is a combination of two aliens, Giri (ギリ, Giri) and Shock (ショック, Shokku). He is a member of the same race as GiriBanes, Giragas and GiriJean.

Giri Subtitle: Special Life-form (特殊なライフフォーム, Tokushuna Raifufōmu)

Shock Subtitle: Symbiotic Vampire (共生ヴァンパイア, Kyōsei Vu~anpaia)

GiriShock Subtitle: Vampiric Space Life-form (吸血鬼スペースライフフォーム, Kyūketsuki Supēsuraifufōmu)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

GiriShock can use all of the powers of both Giri and Shock.


  • Slasher Claws: Giri's main weapons, can cut buildings in two.
  • Combine: Giri can combine with Shock to form GiriShock.
  • Human Disguise: Giri can disguise himself as a human.


  • Electric Bolts: Shock can launch lightning bolts from the blue gems on her wings.
  • Human Disguise: Shock can disguise herself as a human.
    • Stun: Shock can paralyze humans with bursts of electricity from her hands.
    • Blood Consumption: Shock can drain blood in human form.
  • Combine: Shock can combine with Giri to make GiriShock.


  • Slasher Claws: GiriShock's main weapons, can cut buildings in two.
  • Electric Bolts: GiriShock can launch lightning bolts from the blue gems on his wings and his Slasher Claws
  • Combat Skill: GiriShock has incredible combat skills.
  • Flight: GiriShock can fly at high speeds, so fast that only Gamma Speed Mode can just barely catch him.
  • Human Disguise: Both aliens can disguise themselves as two humans in thier 20s.